j1-2k7-mtT13: Legacy Integration Components Under Open JBI Components From a Partner Blog

    JBI is a specification for the integration, it provides a standard for building integration projects, just as EJB provides a standard for transactional projects. One of our open source partners who has contributed several JBI binding components is here to present their views about JBI and JBI components. We think that for JBI to have broad acceptance there must be a way first of all to build bridges with existing application and services.

    To meet this need Imola provided two JBI compliant binding components: jbi4cics and jbi4corba. These components allow for reusing existing business logic, provided the business logic is available as service, without modifying it. So basically these components allow to seamlessly build a SOA architecture upon legacy applications.

    Once a legacy service is available as an endpoint published inside a JBI Enterprise Service Bus such as the Sun OpenESB, it can be consumed in many ways and mixed with present and to-be technologies.

    Slides of this presentation are available as a PDF file.

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