j1-2k7-mtH11: SunSPOTs and Squawk technology Blog

    In this mini-talk recorded after the JavaOne Pavilion closed and thus heard for the first time via this podcast, Arshan Poursohi discusses the Sun SPOT project and the Squawk VM.

    The Sun SPOT project explores wireless transducer technologies that enable the emerging network of things. We are building a hardware and software research platform to overcome the challenges that currently inhibit development of tiny sensing devices. These changes may dramatically affect the nature and type of wireless sensor network applications.

    The Sun SPOT hardware platform is a small, battery operated, wireless device running the Squawk Java Virtual Machine (VM) without an underlying OS. This VM acts as both operating system and software application platform. We have created everything from device drivers and development tools to demos and tutorials so users can quickly create their own embedded wireles appliations.

    The Sun SPOT development kit can be purchsed at www.sunspotworld.com.

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