j1-2k8-mtW03: Comet and Bayeux Blog

    Ajax has become quite popular as websites have become richer and richer. Ajax allows a page to periodically request data from the server. Comet, on the other hand, allows the server to push data to the client at any time. Comet applications are starting to redefine the capabilities of Web 2.0 applicaions. Bayeux, which is still in daft, is the first standard to define a comet based transport protocol. This talk will discuss the basics of Comet and Bayeux.

    Some sample comet applications would be online chat or live stock updates. Both of these types of applications will be discussed. You can see a sample comet based online chat application Kevin Nilson wrote at: http://javaclimber.com/portal/portal/myportal/Chat

    Slides of this presentation are available on Google Docs.

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