j1-2k8-mtH07: City of Oakland Solar Energy Promotion Blog

    Dr. Barry Levine, Professor of Computer Science, at San Francisco State University is leading students in this solar energy project for the City of Oakland Public Works Agency.

    The City and County of San Francisco (Department of the Environment) and Marin County are collaborating with the City of Oakland Public Works on an effort to assess and promote solar power opportunities in our communities. The City and County of San Francisco and Marin have been doing digital assessments. We are collaborating with the City of Oakland to transition from a paper-based approach to a web-based approach where much of the effort is delegated to the client/server.

    Basically, the process is used to a. record solar energy capacity of properties in detail using high resolution GIS maps from flyovers. b. compute costs to install solar panels c. compute any relevant tax rebates for solar installation d. amortize all costs and savings over the lifetime of the panels e. compare these amortized costs in relation to non-solar energy requirements f. if there is a savings in costs for the property owner then a letter to the owner would be generated alerting them of this information g. recommending solar installers, limited of course by the cities commitment to fairness.


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