j1-2k8-mtH09: Energy and CO2 Savings with Java EE 5/SE 6, Glassfish, Shoal, Groovy, SunSPOT and Java Blog

    Intelligent heating control saves not only energy (30-50%), is environmentally friendly, but increases the living comfort as well. Alone the priotirization of energy sources: solar thermal collector, wood buring stove, main heater combining with the inclusion of the weather-forecasts, contributes considerably to the energy saving. This session describes the architecture of the GreenFire project, especially: - Usage of JSR-223 (Scripting Integration) in Java EE 6 / 6 environment for the implementation of flexible rule systems - Reporting - Using EJB 3 timer service - Java EE compatible hardware integration - SunSPOT and sensor network integration - Using Java FX together with Swing and EJB 3 - Sensor Testing (with Junit and mocking) - Speech synthesizer integration (FreeTTS) - Management and monitoring of heating system over the internet - Mobile device Integration - Integration of Multi Media Center Systems

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