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    Educator, author, and Java Champion Paul Deitel, of Deitel and Associates, Inc., talks about the ATM Object-Oriented Design and Implementation Case Study from his book "Java: How to Program, 8/e" in this Community Corner podcast recorded at at JavaOne 2009. Paul provided the following description of his presentation:


    A key concept in object-oriented programming is the interactions among objects. Most programming textbooks show code examples that create and use one or two objects to demonstrate specific features of the language. In addition to small examples like these, our textbook Java How to Program, 8/e (published March 2009) presents an object-oriented design/UML 2 automated teller machine (ATM) case study and its complete code implementation. This ATM case study is a nice business example that students can relate to. Students study the interactions of many objects that provide the functionality of a substantial system. The case study helps students tie together the object-oriented concepts they learn. In this presentation, Paul Deitel will overview the two-chapter case study and discuss his experiences teaching it. Each attendee will receive a copy of the case study.


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