Project Darkstar: the Open Source Highly-Scalable Server-Side Gaming Platform Blog

    Owen Kellett talks with editor Kevin Farnham about the Project Darkstar, the open source massive online gaming platform, in this Community Corner 2009 podcast recorded at JavaOne. Here's Owen's preview of the Project Darkstar presentation he prepared for the podcast:

    Project Darkstar is an open-source server-side Java platform for the development and exectution of horizontally scalable online games, virtual worlds, and social networking software. More than just a communications framework, Project Darkstar boasts a simple API that transparently provides a multithreaded, transactional, persistent, and scalable system without the need for zones or shards. Learn all about the advantages of project darkstar, the typical challenges faced when developing scalable networked games, and how an example game (project snowman) was produced.
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