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    Rick Hightower gets you set up to write and run a struts application in the first few pages of Struts Live. In this excerpt ,his goal "is to skim briefly over many topics to give you a feel for the full breadth of Struts." He writes that "this chapter is a tutorial that covers getting started with Struts -- just the basics, nothing more, nothing less. This tutorial assumes knowledge of Java, JDBC, servlets, J2EE (with regards to web applications) and JSP. Although you can follow along if you are not an expert in all of the above, some knowledge of each is assumed."

    This book excerpt is from Struts Live by Rick Hightower, copyright 2004. All rights reserved. This chapter is posted with permission from SourceBeat.

    We are presenting this book excerpt as a PDF download. The file size is a little over 1.3MB. Download Chapter 1: "Struts Quick Start Tutorial."