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    To: Daniel H. Steinberg
    From: Fahrin Kabir
    Subject: Java Questions

    Editor's note: We get plenty of email with suggestions or feedback about java.net. Fahrin Kabir wrote a thoughful note asking for answers about various Java-related topics for a high school project she is working on. I told her I would be happy to post her questions. Please use the feedback to provide answers to her questions. .

    Thank you very much for agreeing to answer some of my questions through email. I really appreciate it. First of all, in my thesis for my project, I am trying to prove that Java is the best programming language of the 21st century. Here is my thesis:

    Not only is Java a high-level programming language, but it is also a program that focuses on the representation of data, performs multithreaded tasks, and runs independent of computers, which makes Java the best computer programming language of the 21st century.

    I need some information to support and prove my thesis. Here are the questions that I would like to ask you for my project:

    If possible, would you please answer as many of these questions as you can? Thank you. I appreciate this very much.

    1. "Java technology is widely regarded as revolutionary"; do you agree with this statement?
    2. Do you think Java technology is growing faster than any other programming language?
    3. In your profession, do you use Java for programming? If so, how do you like it?
    4. As an expert, what is your opinion regarding the future of Java?
    5. Finally, do you have any special thoughts about Java?


    Fahrin Kabir, student

    Westmont High School in Campbell, CA

    Editor's note: Actually, she initially wrote a different set of questions. I list them here in case you would like to answer any of these as well.

    1. I am still having trouble understanding the meaning of object-oriented. Can you please explain to me what, exactly, is an object-oriented program and what are its advantages. How is it helpful to programmers?
    2. In my research paper, I am writing about encapsulation, polymorphism, and inheritance under object-oriented programming. Can you tell me the advantages of each and how they are helpful? Also if there are any other important qualities of object-oriented programming, could you please explain those to me, including their advantages?
    3. What are some of the important qualities of a multithreaded programming language? How is a multithreaded program useful?
    4. What are some of the advantages of the Java programming language compared to other programs such as C++? What are some of Java's downsides/disadvantages compared to other programs?
    5. How has Java been useful to the world?
    6. How does an interpreter work?
    7. Can you please tell me more about write once, run everywhere? How exactly does this work? What are its advantages?
    8. I know Java is used for the Internet, and some other devices such as cell phones and watches. How can Java be programmed into cell phones, watches, and other devices?
    9. Are there any other special advantages of the program?

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