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    A Book Excerpt

    Aspect-oriented programming targets what are referred to ascrosscutting concerns. These are services that need to be applied across your application to classes that should not be aware of the details or APIs for these services. The canonical example is logging, but as you explore Aspects, you will find ways to apply them to your project. In the introduction to this chapter, Ramnivas Laddad explains that this excerpt provides a "detailed discussion of the constructs of pointcuts and advice, their syntax, and their usages. We also examine a few simple programs that will help strengthen your understanding of the AspectJ constructs. Then we discuss static crosscutting. After reading this chapter, you should be able to start writing short programs in AspectJ."

    This book excerpt is from Chapter 3 of AspectJ in Action: Practical Aspect-Oriented Programming by Ramnivas Laddad, ISBN 1-930110-93-6, copyright 2003. All rights reserved. This chapter, titled "AspectJ: syntax basics," is posted with permission from Manning Publications Co.

    We are presenting this book excerpt as a PDF download. The file size is a little over 600KB. Download Chapter 3: "AspectJ: syntax basics."