Happy Anniversary java.net Blog

Version 2


    Editor's note: Duke has been busy helping java.net celebrate our first anniversary: June 10, 2004.

    Duke begins the day reading the special edition of the newspaper announcing the java.net anniversary. Thank you to Kathy Sierra for this "Head First" image.

    Retro Duke


    Kathy Sierra has also provided a shot of our celebratory cake.

    Duke with cake


    It is important to have a longer view of history. Here is Duke putting java.net's first year in historical perspective. Anthony Bennis provided the picture with a note that it features "Duke in the west of Ireland celebrating with wee Duke Junior."

    Duke in Ireland


    Duke loves a party. Here's Mary Smaragdis'contribution.

    Duke with balloon


    The party wouldn't be complete without a swim in the pool.

    Duke at pool party


    Duke ends the day riding into the sunset in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Picture is courtesy of Beth and Eric Freeman.

    Duke riding into sunset