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    Book Excerpt

    Budi Kurniawan, a popular author or articles that have appeared on,, and elsewhere, has self-published his book, How Tomcat Works. He has given us permission to provide you with two chapters.

    Chapter 5, "Containers," "discusses the container module. A container is represented by theorg.apache.catalilna.Container interface, and there are four types of containers: engine, host, context, and wrapper. This chapter offers two applications that work with contexts and wrappers."

    Chapter 6, "Lifecycles," "explains the Lifecycleinterface. This interface defines the lifecycle of a Catalina component and provides an elegant way of notifying other components of events that occur in that component. In addition, theLifecycle interface provides an elegant mechanism for starting and stopping all of the components in Catalina with one single start/stop."

    You can find applications accompanying these chapters at The book is available from amazon.comand from, where a 45 percent discount applies.

    We are presenting these book excerpts as PDF downloads. The file size is a little over 400KB combined. Download Chapter 5, "Containers," and Chapter 6, "Lifecycles."