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    Book Excerpt

    Jonathan Lehr has taken over the updating of Rick Hightower's book Struts Live. In this excerpt , Jonathan takes you through Integrating ActionForms with POJOs. He writes that one of the complaints about Struts "is that unlike some of the newer web application frameworks (Spring, WebWork, JavaServer Faces, etc.), it can't deal directly with POJOs. As a result, people developing Struts applications often feel forced to spend a considerable amount of time and energy devising solutions to bridge the gap, usually by transferring values between instances of ActionForm and POJO graphs. Often there are translations that need to be performed that complicate this process and make for tedious work. [In] this chapter, we'll take a look at a new approach that solves the problem at its root and thereby eliminates the overhead of working with POJOs for Struts developers."

    This book excerpt is from Struts Live by Jonathan Lehr, copyright 2004. All rights reserved. This chapter is posted with permission from SourceBeat.

    We are presenting this book excerpt as a PDF download. The file size is a little over 640K. Download Chapter 10: "Integrating ActionForms with POJOs."