New Life for EJB Blog

Version 2


    Does the recently released draft of the Enterprise Java Bean 3.0 specification clear up EJBs' much-assailed flaws? Rajat Taneja and Ganesh Prasad have looked at the spec and they don't think it goes nearly far enough.

    They contacted us about presenting their views on a different approach, and we decided the best way to proceed was to make this alternate vision available as a downloadable PDF file, unedited and as the authors originally presented it. This version of their paper incorporates feedback from the EJB spec committee in response to an earlier version of the paper.

    In lieu of typical article talkbacks, we are also setting up a discussion in the new J2EE forum to talk about EJB, the 3.0 spec, and the Taneja/Prasad alternative. Rajat and Ganesh will be moderating the discussion, and we hope you'll contribute your thoughts on this issue.

    Update: Following an active initial discussion on the forum, the authors have updated their proposal. The file is available as a 250 KB pdf file which you can download here. You can continue the discussion in the forum. Ganesh Prasad prefaces this update with the following:

    We received a lot of feedback on the first release of our document