Holiday Pictures 2005 Blog

Version 2


    by Daniel H. Steinberg and Chris Adamson

    As in years past, Duke and his clan are getting ready for their annual end-of-year vacation. You're invited to send us a picture of where you think he will go and what you think he will do. Between now and Friday, December 16, 2005, you can send your pictures of Duke on vacation to me at

    For inspiration, take a look at some of the pictures from the 2004 holiday and pictures from 2003.

    We know that lots of you bought plushie Dukes at JavaOne--Kathy Sierra has the photographic evidence in a blog entry--so this is an opportunity for you to pose Duke in the locale of your choice. Or, power up your image editor and put him wherever you like. Is he surfing, skiing, or shopping? Let us see what you think Duke's up to.

    Note that submissions should be tasteful and appropriate for display on this site. This is not a contest, but we'll be happy to show some of the submissions in an article at the end of the year.