Duke's Vacation 2005 Blog

Version 2


    Editor's note: Once again, Duke is hitting the road to have some fun during the 2005 winter holidays. Here are some of the places he's been sighted. Thanks to everyone who participated.

    Joan MacEachern found Duke outside during a New England snowstorm a few weeks back. Lucky he's got a nice cup of jini.org cocoa to keep him warm.

    Duke in New England snowstorm


    Java.net editor Chris Adamson was shopping at Fry's when he saw Duke checking out the Dance Dance Revolution demo machine. Wonder who's getting that in their stocking?

    Duke Duke Revolution


    Jonathan Simon sent in this picture of Duke celebrating Hanukkah with a crowd in Jerusalem.

    Duke celebrating Hanukkah in Jerusalem


    Finally, Bruno Souza writes in: "While some discuss if Java is a dinosaur, Duke used his vacation to learn some different approaches to control really large and ugly problems!"

    Duke tames a dinosaur