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    (Not So) Stupid Questions

    Where does the buck stop?

    Editor's note: Sometimes the most interesting discussions begin when someone says, "This may be a stupid question, but ..." If the person asking the question has taken the time to think about the problem before asking, the question is often not stupid at all. The uncertainty points out an ambiguity in the specs, holes in the docs, or a search for how more experienced programmers may address a particular problem. From time to time, we will print one of the "(Not So) Stupid Questions" we receive and invite our readers to answer the question in the feedback section.

    Remember that new people are joining the Java community all the time and may be looking for help from those with more experience. Also, those who began with Java as their first language can benefit from those coming to the community with experience in other languages. As always, answer the questions with kindness. You are also welcome to submit your questions to

    This may be a stupid question, but... "I have a question about a Java feature. Who do I ask?"

    First thoughts:

    I often find myself stuck on some question about Java, such as "If I am creating a Web service from a wsdl file(contract-first), what is the best way to use the Java Persistence API to persist the generated classes?" I have been asking this question on several forums for some time, and each time I get the response, "Good question, go ask..." Is there a place I can ask questions and not get redirected? Is there a place where the buck stops? I know everyone is trying to be helpful—I have redirected questions myself—but I'm left with the big question:

    What is the place to ask Java questions?