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    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER12:00 –12:45Convergence: The Future of Advertising is MarketingAlexander Hooshmand,Vice President, Product Management, OracleZuzanna Gierlinska, EMEA Sales Director, OMC Data Management PlatformOnce distinctly separate, advertising technology, (AdTech) and marketing technology, (MarTech) have been slowly merging as marketers are increasingly being held accountable for delivering ROI as well as creating seamless customer experiences. The average American consumer views more than 3,000 online ads per month, and the modern marketer has been pivoting toward viewing these moments as significant customer touchpoints—not just opportunities to drive conversion. This session discusses trends that are leading to a convergence of adverting and marketing and their related technology ecosystems and how Oracle Marketing Cloud can power seamless customer journeys across these two universes.KING’S SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER14:00 – Investing in bigdata. Making your DMP decision. The first 12 months.John Broughton, Head of Performance Marketing, (part of Admiral)Understanding the content around Display Management Platforms (DMPs) can be a minefield, especially when it comes to approaching the problem, understanding the functions available and assessing the right options. But the journey to implementing a new DMP solution doesn’t need to be a treacherous one. Lifting the lid on marketing at, John Broughton’s session will help advertisers unravel the streams of information available so they can safely go on a journey to DMP nirvana. Beginning with an introduction and education on DMPs, John will then articulate the requirements when assessing vendors and offer his top tips for implementation and usage.WESTMINSTER SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45The Economist: Use Data to Square Your AudienceStephane Pere, Global Chief Data Officer, The EconomistProduct, audience, customer, consumer and campaign insights as well as targeting and personalisation capabilities are leveraged by publishers to be better marketers but also to provide their advertising partners with better marketing solutions. Yes, data is a strategic asset, but more importantly it contributes directly to the publishing business model and brings value to the bottom line. It helps publisher grow their advertising revenue, promote their brand, reduce acquisition cost and retain customers. It can also be leveraged to identify new business and revenue streams and product opportunities.WESTMINSTER SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45Bauer Xcel Media: Pre-RFP-How to Get Started. What To Ask. How To Know You’re On the Right Track.Deni Boncheva, Director, Digital Data, Europe –Bauer Xcel MediaConsidering data strategy and selecting a data management platform for your business is no easy task. Not only are there the obvious performance technology considerations (features, integrations, analytics, etc.) to consider, but organizational readiness and people readiness to understand and be ready to operationalize. In this session, we'll hear from our customer, Bauer Media, who went through this process recently. They'll share their findings, key learnings and best practices to help you as you prepare to transform your marketing or advertising business through the use of a data management platform.WINDSOR SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Gold Sponsor Bluprint: Making DMP Work:The first six monthsAntonMinnion, Subject Matter Expert & Knowledge Transfer Associate, BluprintDeploying a Data Management Platform (DMP) into your company’s technology stack is a big step. It's a disruptive technology possessing multiple contact points with your existing systems and requires a broad range of skills to operate effectively. A DMP will be used with multiple technologies and spans departmental operations—as it becomes one of your most potent marketing tools. A DMP like Oracle BlueKai can bring huge benefit to your business, but getting off to a good start is essential and there are a number of things you can do to make it work—especially during those first critical six months.
    In this talk, you will learn:
    •The fundamentals of understanding how Data Management Platforms work in the real world.
    •Which practical first steps you need to take to provide the foundations for success.
    •What to look for, understand, and work towards within the first six months when implementing a DMP.
    THAMES SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Mythbusters: B2B Marketers Don’t “Do” AdvertisingMarco Godina, Principal Product Manager, Global Strategy, OracleTaha Sheikh, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Oracle Marketing CloudToday's Modern Marketer has to embrace all channels to ensure optimal effectiveness. This mantra holds true for B to B marketers too, yet many enterprise b to b marketers are under the impression that media activation and using advertising tactics isn't valuable for their business, or they simply don't know how to take advantage of programmatic capabilities or data management and media activation tactics. In this talk, you will watch as Oracle and Media Math will guide B2B marketers through simple use cases that are guaranteed to make business impact.WINDSOR SUITEAudience Data & Advertising
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45Research spotlight: The role of DMPs in the era of data driven advertisingMorag Cuddleford-Jones, EconsultancyAs we acknowledge the reality that we are living in the era of data driven advertising, the sheer volume of data available to marketers and advertisers is unprecedented. The ability to use it consistently for real business outcome necessitates not only the need for organizational process change, but also real technology at the center. Data management platforms (DMPs) enable marketers and advertisers to organize and activate marketing data consistently –no matter what channel the data comes from or goes to.
    In this talk, you will:
    •See Econsultancy research produced specifically associated with the advent, rise, and utilization of data management platforms (DMPs).
    •Hear what the marketplace has said –in Europe and beyond –regarding how brands and agencies are leveraging data.
    •Learn how DMPs are perceived and how DMPs are already being used to drive results.
    WINDSOR SUITEAudience Data & Advertising