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    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER11:00 –11:45The path to adaptive marketingRusty Warner, Principal Analyst, Forrester UKChris Lynch, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, OMCMarketers today feel the pressure to personalize customer experience across every aspect of the vast, unstructured nature of a modern customer’s journey. And as a customer meanders from channel to channel, interacting with your brand, product, and services it’s hard to stitch together these interactions to deliver a personalized experience at scale.KING’S SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45Exploring the B2B cross-channel and content marketing product progression through 2016Stephen Streich, Dir. Product Management, OMCThe Modern Marketer is evolving at a rapid pace and dealing with more complexity and data than ever before. A need for speed, simplicity and expanded cross channel capabilities has been a lead driver behind the evolution of the B2B Cross Channel platform and Oracle Content Marketing. In this session hear about the strides Oracle Eloqua has taken to evolve alongside the Modern Marketer. In this session we will deep dive into all of the great new features discussed in the Product Keynote along with exploring some new capabilities that you haven't even heard of yet!WINDSORSUITECross Channel Orchestration
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45Gold Sponsor LookBookHQ: From Capturing Attention to Keeping It: Marketing's New Reality in the Attention EconomyNick Edouard, Co-founder & President, LookBookHQAttention is the currency all marketers trade in today. Your prospects are busier and more distracted than ever before, and their average attention span is shrinking. Getting someone’s attention is hard enough. Converting it into real engagement with your content is even harder. In order to truly educate and qualify prospects, most marketers have to re-earn attention over and over again. Welcome to the attention economy where every click, conversion and download is a precious commodity that you can't afford to waste. Find out how Modern Marketers are using new methods to engage buyers and new metrics to track what's happening beyond the click. This session will explore case studies on how always-on nurturing is helping marketers drive 3X content engagement by seizing the coveted moment of attention and nurturing buyers whenever and wherever they click.THAMES SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45JD Williams: Assumptions can be right!Kim Barlow, Sr.Strategic Consultant, OMCAndrew Smith, Email Marketing Manager, JD Williams & Co.Looking to drive greater relevancy and personalised communications with your subscribers? Then sign up for this session with Andrew Smith, Email Marketing Manager, JD Williams & Co and Kim Barlow, Senior Strategic Consultant, Oracle Marketing Cloud EMEA, as they share practical tips for brands seeking the “Holy Grail” of 1-2-1 marketing.WINDSOR SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45Gold Sponsor DemandBase: Account-Based Selling Meets Account-Based MarketingChris Golec, Founder & CEO, DemandBaseYou’ve probably heard of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), but may not understand exactly how it can transform the way B2B marketers acquire and grow their customers online. While account-based approaches are not new to B2B sales teams, recent technology innovations across advertising, website, marketing automation, and CRM technologies now make it possible to implement and manage ABM programs at scale. The alignment with account-based selling brings sales and marketing teams together on the accounts that will have the greatest business impact, and with more meaningful KPIs than clicks, visits, or leads. 
    In this talk, you will:
    •Learn how successful ABM strategies are accelerating sales cycles.
    •Take steps to deliver increased pipeline and higher average selling prices. 
    •See how the basic tenets are quite simple and can be implemented right away.
    PALACESUITE CCross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45TomTom: How to send to 24 locales and still be efficientRositsa Vasileva, CRM Marketing Manager, TomTomJennifer Lancaster, Strategic Consultant, OMCAll marketers want to deliver personalised messages to customers, but how can you remain efficient when sending to individuals in multiple countries? Rositsa Vasileva, CRM Marketing Manager at TomTom, will discuss the challenges of sending emails internationally in multiple languages to multiple countries.
    Rositsa will share tips and tricks for driving efficiencies in the campaign production and planning, and present TomTom’s efficiencies project which produced a 40% saving in campaign build time for the company’s Map Update campaigns which are sent in 14 languages across 24 locales.
    PALACESUITE BCross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45Understanding Data Management, for the B2C MarketerSterling Shew, Principal Product Manager, OMCMarkus Erwin, Senior Principal Service Delivery ManagerCustomer acquisition is perhaps one of the most challenging and expensive responsibilities of today’s Modern Marketer. While marketers have a good deal of data on their known customers due to purchase behaviour or general profiling, they are often clueless as to who they are marketing too through anonymous marketing channels. This glaring rift between known and anonymous marketing channels creates tremendous inefficiencies in terms of acquisition cost and a very clunky user experience for consumers.WESTMINSTER SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Creative innovation –exploring kinetic/interactive email –and a glimpse into the futureAlex Barber, Email & Web Developer, OMCKevin Palmer, Creative Director, OMCFollowing on from last year's highly engaging MME session where we introduced the ground breaking kinetic email concept for the first time (and also winning a Markie award along the way). This has been a very hot topic in recent months with plenty of publicity around the globe.
    In this talk, you will:
    •See some live email examples and give you a glimpse into the future of email.
    •Watch a demonstration of the advancements and possibilities of interactive email on mobile devices.
    •Learn how to increase customer engagement and enhance your brand experience.
    PALACE SUITECCross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Sage: A story of marketing mutation, from local to globalAlexandre Martinez, Operations Marketing Director, SageFrom small beginnings come great things and that’s certainly true in this case. Alexandre Martinez, Operations Marketing Director at Sage led a marketing automation project in France that spawned a global revolution, transforming how Sage approaches marketing in 15 countries worldwide.
    Through close collaboration with HR and IT, Alexandre developed a more unified and efficient marketing process, designed for high growth and geographic expansion. By adopting a “glocal” approach to marketing, Alexandre was able to encourage greater sharing of best practices, tools and competences.
    In this talk, Alexandre will explain:
    •How greater collaboration with HR and IT can help marketing teams to excel.
    •Why marketers should consider using marketing automation to accelerate customer acquisition.
    •How to drive strong and aggressive marketing outcomes through a global vision and local action.
    PALACE SUITEBCross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER13:15 –13:55Oracle Maxymiser: Delivering the ultimate digital customer experienceMatt Simmonds, Sr. Director, Product Management, Oracle Marketing CloudIn the age of the customer, marketers can now exploit a data driven approach to test and optimise the online customer experience across all digital channels including web, mobile, and apps. In this session, we will introduce the key principles behind designing and delivering a successful optimisation strategy. We will demonstrate how the Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers optimal experiences at scale, and entirely under the control of the marketing team, with the simple deployment of a one-line-of-code tag.
    In this lunch session, you will learn about:
    •The key principles of customer experience optimisation.
    •Delivering those experiences at scale.
    •How to get it done with a single line of code.
    WINDSOR SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45Real-time marketing for the real-time consumerAlbert Lee, Sr. Product Manager, Oracle Marketing CloudStefano Luceri, Sr. Sales Consultant, OracleIn today’s marketplace, the norm for consumer shopping behavior includes maneuvering across channels and vendors at a rapid pace to find the ideal product, at the best price, with the most convenience. Too often, marketers are a passive bystander rather than an active participant in this process due their inability to react to these rapid online behaviours in real time.
    In this talk, you will learn:
    •Why real-time marketing across channels is working for Modern Marketers.
    •How the Oracle Marketing Cloud is enabling marketers to retarget customers in real time with powerful, relevant, and revenue driving offers.
    WESTMINSTER SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45Defining and applying the right data for optimal marketing and advertising impactRobin Opie, VP Data Service, Oracle Data CloudMolly Parr, Dir., Product Management, Oracle Marketing CloudLeveraging a data strategy and operationalizing the very nature of known and anonymous data can be challenging for most organizations. Understanding how to best use the data your organization already has along with inherently rich partner and third party paid data sources can enable tremendous brand exposure and lift in revenues if a robust data strategy and data management practice is operationalized effectively.
    In this talk, you will:
    •Learn how Oracle is enabling enterprise data activation and optimization success through the combined power of the Oracle Data Management Platform (Oracle BlueKai) and the Oracle Data Cloud (including Datalogix).
    •Explore varying data types and how to best apply them for your business for optimal impact.
    WINDSOR SUITECross Channel Orchestration
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45Leveraging data to drive smarter, more targeted marketingClint Kaiser, Senior Director, Strategic Services, OracleRich Fleck, VP, Strategic Services NA, Oracle Marketing CloudHarnessing data is an essential part of marketing success. The better you understand your audiences, the better your position to engage them with relevant content at the right time, in the right context. Three brands who have mastered targeted marketing are Grainger, JCPenney, and Staples. Find out how they have leveraged customer insights to drive smarter, more targeted and optimised marketing—from customer acquisition to customer retention—all while achieving their engagement and revenue targets.
    In this talk, you will learn how to:
    •Use your customer, behavioural, and purchase data to drive a customised marketing experience.
    •Create analytic models to improve email marketing timing, targeting, and engagement.
    •Establish lifetime value targeting and source optimisation to drive smarter email acquisition and retention tactics.
    WESTMINSTER SUITECross Channel Orchestration