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    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER11:00 –11:45The biggest challenges facing today's marketer: Harnessing innovation to improve marketing performanceDavid Johnson, Dir. Product Marketing, Oracle Marketing CloudJason Phillips, Director, Sales Consulting, Oracle Marketing CloudThe growth of marketing technology and innovation has been nothing short of extraordinary. New tools seem to pop up every day, all claiming to help marketers reach the right person at the right time with the right message. While the growth of this market is extremely exciting, it also brings about the challenge of how to keep up with it and how to determine what the right solutions are for your business. Join David Johnson and Craig Wright, two marketing technology industry veterans, as they discuss the impact of innovation.PALACESUITEHarnessing Innovation
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45Dell:Innovation without boundaries –how to scale nurturing globallyKalja Moolenaar, Global Experience Design and Automation, EMEA Program Manager,DellNurturing leads that aren’t yet ready to buy can help to build a strong brand and solution preference in your prospects long before they’re actively engaged in a buying process. To do it successfully, leads must be engaged with content that is valuable enough to keep them engaged at every stage of the buyer journey. But how do you roll that out on a global scale? Kalja Moolenaar, Global Experience Design & Automation Programme Manager at Dell will share top tips on scaling a nurturing programme globally with a marketing automation platform centrally.PALACE SUITEHarnessing Innovation
    WEDNESDAY, 18 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45Swiss Post Solutions: Where does marketing’s influence as a change manager start and end?David Dorling, Head of Global Marketing, Swiss Post SolutionsTake a chair and buckle your seatbelt for a presentation from David Dorling, Head Global Marketing at Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), as he explains how the company changed the role and perception of marketing across the business.
    As SPS went through a period of rapid organic growth and acquisition, David was tasked with consolidating the business’ sales and marketing efforts. In order to serve the company’s long-term vision, SPS realigned systems and processes in order to remove complexity, enable greater efficiency, and better serve business objectives.
    PALACESUITEHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45Gold Sponsor Brightcove: Supercharge your marketing with videoLinda Crowe, VP of Digital Marketing Solutions, BrightcoveVideo has proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools. The question for marketers is no longer why video, it’s how to use video. What are best practices for including video in your content strategy? How do you measure results and prove ROI? Learn the tips and tricks to supercharge your video marketing based on real-life examples from Brightcove customers to inspire your marketing strategies moving forward.THAMESSUITEHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER09:00 –09:45Take your B2B cross-channel marketing to the next level with appsBeth Burns, Principal Pre-Sales Consultant, OMCEgan Cheung, Director, Product Management, OMCAs a Modern Marketer, you can get in front of your buyers wherever they are with exactly the right message by executing integrated cross-channel campaigns that include email, direct mail, banner ads, push, social and more. By integrating apps from the Oracle Marketing AppCloud directly into your marketing campaigns, you achieve greater efficiency and extend your marketing automation investments.PALACE SUITE AHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Advanced marketing orchestration strategiesTony Castiglioni, VP, Product Management, OMCSam Davis, SeniorSales Consultant, OMCOrchestrating highly targeted and individualized email marketing campaigns for your prospects and customers takes more than just great creative and a good subject line. This session takes you through advanced email marketing strategies that engage your customers and drive results. Tools such as Multivariate Testing, Send Time Optimization, Rapid Retargeter, event switches, and blackout timers are just some of the strategies discussed to help you take your email marketing strategy to the next level.PALACE SUITE AHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER10:00 –10:45Trend Micro: Not always selling –keeping the lines of communication openWill Nunan, EMEA e-Commerce Retention Manager, Trend MicroGary Verster, EMEA Marketing Technologist & Senior eCommerce Operations Manager, Trend MicroWhether it’s a few hours, a day, a week, two months, or ten years, purchase cycles exist for every product. Each acquisition is a valuable opportunity for retailers to engage with a customer, increasing the connection they feel with your brand, preventing them from straying to a competitor and building their lifetime customer value. However, this presents something of a problem for software businesses like Trend Micro which invite customers to renew its product on a yearly basis. Find out how retailers can keep customers engaged between lengthier purchase cycles using different tactics to inspire customer engagement.
    In this talk, you will learn how to:
    •Keep the lines of communication open with customers.
    •Provide customers with value-added experiences and content.
    •Position your brand as the preferred provider in the lead up to customer renewal.
    WESTMINSTER SUITEHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45How the internet of things is changing marketingHarald Behnke, Dir. Digital Marketing Strategy EMEA, OracleThis session outlines how the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing marketing. Get answers to what is the status and short-term outlook of IoT in Marketing with analysis and examples, how to deliver a better customer experience with smart products, and why data management and activation are essential. Consider planning as you create your strategy and execute securely like an enterprise while you innovate like a startup.
    In this talk, you will:
    •Learn why the Internet of Things will be a big deal for marketers as it goes beyond POS.
    •Find out why data management will become a core competency of marketing.
    •Explore ways to create a cultural change and begin forming your strategy to address this change.
    PALACE SUITE BHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER14:00 –14:45Mobile first: Orchestrating with mobile apps and mobile messagingDan Burcaw, Sr. Director, Product, Oracle Marketing CloudSheyla Rojo Santos, Principal Mobile Consultant, Oracle Marketing CloudMarketers have been calling for The Year of Mobile every year for the last decade. While this refrain has become a little stale, over the last year we have seen some dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. Worldwide mobile users eclipsed their desktop counterparts, and for the first time, more than half of all online shopping traffic in the UK came from a mobile device. While consumer mobile behaviours have clearly matured, many markets have been left behind either ignoring mobile all together, or approaching in-app, push, and mobile messaging in silos.
    In this talk, you will learn how:
    •The integrated cross-channel orchestration helps marketers drive mobile revenue.
    •To provide clients with a seamless mobile device experience.
    PALACE SUITE AHarnessing Innovation
    THURSDAY, 19 NOVEMBER15:00 –15:45Rukki: Lead pipeline illuminated: A new holistic stream map view on integrated marketing and sales pipelineTuukaa HÓ“meenoja, Sr. Business Analyst, ID BBN Finland for RUUKKIIn a data-led world reporting becomes tricky when you have a number of separated data systems. The question is then: How can marketers make the multiple data silos work for them instead of against them? As a brave marketing pioneer in the conservative building materials industry, Tuukka Hämeenoja will tell the bold SSAB Ruukki story. By building an innovative reporting tool using Oracle Eloqua and harnessing basic data warehousing techniques, SSAB Ruukki is setting a new marketing standard for the entire marketing industry.
    In this talk, you will learn how to:
    •Find the right KPI’s for model customer journeys.
    •Use simple data warehousing techniques with Oracle Eloqua to get best results.
    •Understand the importance of proper visualisation.
    THAMES SUITEHarnessing Innovation