Modern Marketing Experience Europe 2015 Overview

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    Tuesday , 17 November

    Oracle Marketing Cloud Academy Sessions


    Wednesday, 18 November - Thursday, 19 November

    General Sessions


    MME15 General Sessions Agenda


    Wednesday, 18 November - Thursday, 19 November

    Track Sessions


    Cross-Channel Orchestration Track Agenda

    Online buyers choose where and when they interact with brands, products, and services. Modern Marketers must focus on how they want to orchestrate relationships across lifecycles, channels, and devices. Marketers also need to understand real-time behaviors, preferences, and interests.

    Learn how to use audience attributes and activities to create personal experiences at scale and nurture throughout the buyer’s journey by automating multistage programs and campaigns. You’ll also learn techniques to provide personalized 1:1 messaging to turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.


    Audience Data & Advertising Track Agenda

    Audience data and advertising is a key focus area for Modern Marketers who want to power creative innovation and achieve data-driven advertising success. That means collecting the right data and then activating it across the right paid media channels.

    Learn how to combine audiences with a robust data strategy while managing and executing a data management program inside your organization and with your agency partners. We’ll also show the Oracle Data Management Platform in action and how it drives business results for marketers globally.


    Engagement Marketing Track Agenda

    Modern Marketers must drive prospect and customer engagement with personalized content delivered at the right time in the buyer’s journey on their preferred channels. They can monitor conversations with social listening, use that insight to develop engaging material, and distribute on the right channel.

    Learn to plan and execute an engagement marketing strategy so your organization can attract ideal customers through meaningful brand interactions. You’ll also gain insights that can help you provide the most relevant experiences to your prospects and customers with content in context across email, web, social, mobile, and display ads.


    Harnessing Innovation Track Agenda

    Modern Marketers face the challenge of a complicated technology ecosystem. Choosing new innovations is often a difficult task, especially when facing complex implementations, integrations, and technology alternatives.

    Learn how to simplify harnessing innovative technology using integrations with Oracle Marketing Cloud ecosystem, app, data, and media partners to achieve efficiencies and extend your investments. Understand how to implement necessary tools despite technology complexity.


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