Why Use PL/SQL?

Version 2

    "Large software systems must be built from modules. A module hides its implementation behind an interface that exposes its functionality. This is computer science’s most famous principle. For applications that use an Oracle Database, the database is the persistence module. The tables and the SQL statements that manipulate them are the implementation details. The interface is expressed with PL/SQL. Developers and users of applications built this way are happy with their correctness, maintainability, security, and performance. But when developers follow the NoPlsql paradigm, their applications have problems in each of these areas and users suffer. Why Use PL/SQL? provides PL/SQL devotees with unassailable arguments to defend their beliefs against attacks from skeptics. Skeptics who attend will see the light."

    So says Bryn.Llewellyn-Oracle, Distinguished Product Manager for PL/SQL and edition-based redefinition.

    Check out his Why Use PL/SQL? whitepaper!

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