Installing Eclipse C/C++ plug-in (Eclipse CDT) via the Synaptic Package Manager

Version 1

    Run the Synaptic Package Manager.

    Search for “eclipse-cdt” (without quotes) and click on Search.


    A list of packages appear, select ‘eclipse-cdt’ from the list. The a list of dependencies appear, select them all. Select Mark for Installation.

    Click on the Apply button on the ribbon panel followed by a click on the Apply button at the bottom right hand corner.

    If the Synaptic Package Manager detects updates/upgrades and wishes to perform them, accept and allow the changes to be applied.

    Click on Next and finally Finished.

    Post Eclipse installations, Eclipse would need to be restarted. Post installation of updates/upgrades Ubuntu would need to be restarted.

    Before building any packages through command-line or Eclipse run the below command to install the 'g++4.6-multlib' library:

      sudo apt-get install g++-4.6-multilib 

    It ensures that command-line and Eclipse build actions go smoothly wherever the g++ library is needed.