Eclipse Build JMX Project

Version 1



    Building via CLI


    To build JMX via the command-line interface (Old Build)* perform the below actions:

    Ensure both 'ant 1.8' or higher and 'gawk 4.0.1' or higher are installed under Ubuntu by performing the below commands:

     sudo apt-get install ant sudo apt-get install gawk 

    Go to the folder where the JMX build files are:

     cd ~/sources//jdk8_tl/jdk/make/eclipse/jmx 

    Change the in this folder by adding the below entries:

     javac.version.source=1.7 basedir=~/sources/jdk8_tl/jdk/make/eclipse/jmx/ bootstrap.jdk=/home/openjdk/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/images/j2sdk-image make.options=\ ARCH_DATA_MODEL=64 \ ZIP_DEBUGINFO_FILES=0 

    Perform the below action at the command prompt to start the ant build.

      ant clean build -propertyfile &> jmxAntBuild.log 

    *Note: at the time of the writing of these instructions JMX could only be built using the Old Build system, ant build and make files for the build-infra system are not yet available.

    Configurating and building in Eclipse


    Run the Build of JMX project by selecting the build.xml file and right mouse click on the Run as > Ant build option.

    Observe the messages in the Console tab in Eclipse and wait for sometime till the build is complete (depends on performance of your computer).


    Build messages: logs

    - A successful run of the ant build results in the output of the following log messages:



    Build output: artefacts

    The general JMX build artefact can be found at ~/sources/jdk8_tl/jdk/dist/lib/jmx.jar