Eclipse Build Corba Project

Version 1



    Building via CLI


    To build Corba via the command-line interface (InfraBuild) perform the below actions:

     cd ~/sources//jdk8_tl/common/makefiles 
     make clean corba NEWBUILD=true &> jaxpInfrabuild.log 


    Configurating and building in Eclipse


    Do the same actions as above for Corba as for Hotspot (See How to build the Hotspot project in Eclipse) and translate names and locations that relate to the Corba project.

    Build the project via the Project > Build Project option and wait for it to finish. At this point the project should be in a state to be build by either the Internal or the External Builder.




    Build messages: logs

    - A successful run of the build of the project results in the output of the following log messages:



    Build output: artefacts

    The general Corba build artefacts are a tree of files and directories as shown below and can be found at ~/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/corba:

        btclasses btjars classes dist gensrc lib logwrappers _the.stripped_properties _the.strip_prop.cmdline