Adop tOpen JDKVM Build

Version 1

    Base Installation instructions

    Install Virtual Box

    VirtualBox is the VM software we use. Install the latest version for your operating system.

    Windows users

    Ensure the Viritualization Technology option is switched on in the BIOS, see Microsoft Help Page on this.

    Create base VM

    In order to create the base VM:

    1. Download Ubuntu - Make sure you select the 64 bit (AMD) 12.04 version or 12.10 version
    2. Create a new VM and choose the following options;
      1. Linux, Ubuntu (64-bit)
      2. 2048 MB of RAM
      3. New Hard Disk, VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image), Dynamically allocated, 20 GB
    3. Start VM, selecting the ISO you've downloaded during First Run Wizard
    4. Choose Install Ubuntu
    5. Choose Download updates while installing and Install this third-party software
    6. Select timezone and keyboard of your native settings
    7. Enter openjdk as the username and password
    8. Choose login automatically
    9. Now wait, depending upon host spec and internet speed, this may take some time.
    10. Update packages via the package manager (Can go to System Settings/Details/Update for this)
    11. Restart Ubuntu
    12. Install VirtualBox driver extensions (System Settings / Additional Drivers / Activate)


    Note: In case the Ubuntu 12.10 instance is slow, please increase the available resources i.e. RAM, Video memory and number of cores (if available) for the VM instance. If your installation remains slow and you are not able to increase your screen resolution, you can fallback to the GNOME desktop.

    Ready-to-use VMs


        MacOS users: please use Zipeg ( to uncompress the downloaded zip files and then import an appliance where its available. .OVA & .OVF files can be loaded into programs like VirtualBox using the Import Appliance… option. 

    Minimum requirements to use VM

        - 10-15 GB free disk space - laptop fast enough to run a VM on it - VirtualBox installed - understanding of Java - some knowledge of the OpenJDK 

    Here's a few VMs that can be download and attached to VirtualBox:

       Ubuntu 12.04 VM containing OpenJDK sources (login & password: openjdk) 
       Ubuntu 12.04 VM containing OpenJDK sources + Eclipse + OpenJDK projects in Eclipse (login/password: openjdk/j1a2v3a4, in case you open Eclipse and you see no projects you can import them from the /home/openjdk/dev/jdk8_tl folder (using the 'nested projects' option), courtesy Martin Toshev - Bulgaria JUG) 
       Ubuntu 12.04 VM containing OpenJDK sources + Eclipse + OpenJDK projects in Eclipse  - courtesy Ivan Ivanov-Bulgaria JUG (VM contains OpenJDK sources and IntelliJ IDEA with OpenJDK sources loaded into IntelliJ - login & password: openjdk)