Testing Java

Version 1

    Help Test early builds of Java 8 and 9 - in particular compilation of your code and running your tests!

    Java 8/9 standalone

    Java 8/9 and CI

    Of course it's much simpler to have your Continuous Integration servers test for you.

    Free Testing on Cloudbees



    Java 8/9 and Open Source

    This is now being tracked over at: OpenJDK Quality Outreach

    TODO - Convert existing projects here to OpenJDK Quality Outreach

    NOTE: The end goal for each project is to be running a regular CI build on Java 8/9. If they don't have a CI server, then Cloudbees can provide one for them! See existing hosted projects

    Once they've passed their tests on Java 8/9 then give them the badge! (Larger version is available from the downloads section)



    ProjectOpen Issue(s)?Closed Issue(s)?Testing Status
    None / CI / Manual / Unknown
    Adopt OpenJDK VolunteerProject Contact Details
    Apache ActiveMQTest failed under Java 8CIGreg BakosForum
    Apache Camelcamel-spring does not build with Java 8CIGreg BakosMailing List
    Apache MyFaces TobagoManualDennis KieselhorstMailing List
    Apache PigCIGreg BakosMailing List
    Apache ZooKeeperCIGreg BakosMailing List
    ANTLR4CIHelio FrotaTerence Parr
    ASMInstrumenting of Java8 bytecode does not work
    EasyMockCIGreg BakosMailing List
    Glassfish 4.0Error on startupUnknown
    GluegenJogAmp 923 - Gluegen fails to build from source using JDK8 EA b119ManualXerxes RånbyForum
    gs-collectionsJava 8 SupportManualMani SarkarContacts on WikiCommunicate via the github issue tracker
    Guava-librariesBuild errorManualHelio FrotaMailing list
    Gudeg7Prototype phaseManualYosi PramajayaYosi Pramajaya
    GWT Test Applicationhttps://github.com/Jozi-JUG/gwtadoptajsr.gitSimple Test Application CIRichard KolbRichard Kolb
    HawkshawTest failed under Java 8 (race condition)CIMartijn VerburgMartijn Verburg
    HornetQCIGreg BakosDeveloper Forum
    Apache JackrabbitTest failed under Java 8ManualGreg BakosMailing List
    Java-ChronicleJava 8 supportManualMani SarkarMailing list
    JBehaveSee UISpec4jManualHelio FrotaQuick Subscribe usingdev team
    jBPMCIGreg BakosMailing List
    JDOM2ManualChristian Ullenboomsoon...
    JerseyCI (building without tests)Greg BakosMailing List
    JettyCannot build Aggregate :: All core JettyCIGreg BakosMailing List
    JsoupCIHelio FrotaMailing list
    JSR-353Javadoc compilationManualHelio FrotaMailing list
    jSSLKeyLogNeeds working ASM version...
    JUnitManualMani Sarkardev team
    All three projects support Java 8ManualGraham Allan
    Mani Sarkar
    Mailing list
    OpenDJPossible IssueCIRichard Kolb
    Ludovic Poitou
    Mailing list
    SpecJVM 2008startup.compiler.sunflow 'hangs' on Java 8 build 118. I have reported to support@spec.org but got no responseManualRichard Kolb ? Someone else pleaseRichard
    ProcessingProcessing 2.1 fails to compile all of its projects using JDK8 EA b119 error: The type java.util.Map$Entry cannot be resolved.ManualXerxes RånbyGitHub processing 2260 issue tracker
    Project Lombokhttps://netbeans.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=226165
    v1.12.2 has initial Java 8 and Netbeans 7.4 support
    ManualRichard KolbMailing List
    RESTAPIUnifierManualMani SarkarNeomatrix
    Spring SecurityCannot build with OpenJDK 8CIGreg BakosForum
    StackTraceSealerNeeds working ASM version...
    TestNGManualMani SarkarMailing list
    UISpec4jUISPEC4J #5CIHelio FrotaUispec4j
    YougiJava 8 supportCIHildebertoHildeberto


    Where to get help

    We're co-ordinating assistance and success stories on the quality-discuss@openjdk.java.net mailing list