Concurrency Testing

Version 1

    This section is for organising community efforts around helping out with testing around concurrency in OpenJDK


    The OpenJDK project would like some help with testing concurrency in the OpenJDK. This work is being co-ordinated through the Concurrency Interest mailing list.



    Copy of the mail requesting help

    Here's the call for action! I would appreciate your contributions, including but not limited to:

    1. Reviewing the test correctness. Doug had been lightly supervising this before, but "given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow". Please reference the exact github revision when referencing the test.
    2. Running the suite on interesting hardware. Even though the tests are scarce, I would be happy to see the results from J9/PPC and various ARM implementations. There are couple of negative tests against legal races (i.e. UnsafeDCLSingletonTest), it will be comforting to see they fail expectedly on non-x86 hardware. If you do run the tests, please zip up the results/ folder and post it somewhere.
    3. Brainstorming the coverage area: what areas are missing (there are lots!), and what should be covered in the first place.
    4. Proposing basic testcases and/or pointing out known regression tests assorted over the Internet which should be included into the suite.
    5. Raising the general suggestions about usability, reliability, methodology, etc.

    Will appreciate your help!