Leading an Adopt OpenJDK effort

Version 1

    We don't want to overwhelm the OpenJDK committers! So when organising a workshop/hackday we strongly recommend the following process:

    1. Nominate some instructors to lead the group. These should be people who have gone through some instructor training and/or are familiar with the OpenJDK build and patch submission processes.
      1. Don't have qualified instructors?
        1. Contact the Adopt OpenJDK group and one will be provided for you.
        2. Further training will also be provided so that you can grow your own instructors.
    2. Have members join the adoptopenjdk IRC channel irc.freenode.net
    3. Follow the process outlined for each particular event with regards to fixes, patch creation and review
      1. This will include co-ordinating with the OpenJDK project sponsor to get the patches in