New lightened, brightened look coming to Oracle Eloqua in February, 2016

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    Oracle Eloqua Version 477 (Feb, 2016) marks the arrival of the lighter, brighter look and feel for the Oracle Eloqua platform for all users. Featuring a new interactive My Eloqua Today page, redesigned launch pad pages, you’ll notice a fresh look throughout the entire platform. But don’t worry, it’s the same familiar workflow throughout the platform!


    See a quick sneak peek now [approx 2 mins]




    What's Changing


    • Eloqua has undergone a user experience evolution that features a fresh, lighter, brighter more welcoming feel throughout the entire platform for all customers.
      • It is important to note that these enhancements are not intended to disrupt your day-to-day use of the Eloqua platform, as this update is meant to be an evolution of the user experience, and not a complete redesign of the platform itself. The steps to create an email or launch a campaign have not changed in anyway.
    • With a clean, intuitive, responsive design (resizes/adjusts based on the browser size), you'll also notice some notable enhancements including:
      1. The new My Eloqua page has been transformed into an interactive area that tracks the pulse of your marketing efforts:
        • Trend and aggregate data such new contacts, web activity, and new visitors
        • Campaigns tile gives you high-level visibility into campaigns currently running, about to launch or expire; ability to click to dig in and go directly to campaign
        • Recent activity within the platform such as campaign activations, edits to assets, etc.
        • "Recently Accessed" section
        • Customizable shortcuts
      2. The Launch Pad pages feature the same elements, but in a more intuitive and helpful design.
        • More open space, more information immediately displayed including direct access to recently accessed asset/campaigns, folder structure, and templates.
      3. The main navigation bar within the platform has also been updated, and you can choose from the refreshed (existing) navigation bar or choose to start using the new navigation that most notably features a new "Orchestration" tab that groups together Campaign Canvas, Program Builder and some other tools.
        • NOTE: While optional now, the new navigation bar will be rolled out to all clients later in 2016. As a customer, you can choose to start using it right away or wait until it’s rolled out across all clients.



    • EARLY ACCESS: Early access can be granted now for individual users within select instances to allow you to update your internal documentation or preview the changes; the new navigation option can be toggled on/off between now and the arrival of Release 477.
    • GENERAL AVAILABILITY: Feb 5 – Feb 14 (Release 477): All customers will now experience the new user interface when the release arrives for their POD; no exceptions. To find exactly when it will arrive for you, please visit the Eloqua Release Center.

    Next Steps for Users/Admins


    • Optional Navigation Changes: Overview (Cheat Sheet)
    • If applicable, you can request Early Access to the new user experience for the purposes of updating internal documentation/videos and/or previewing it with your teams.
      • You can request access to this optional functionality by logging an SR with support to enable the beta flag. Note: Early access will not be granted for day-to-day use and early access will only be granted to a few users for each customer instance.
    • Watch our Customer Briefing Session Now! [45 mins]
    • Get your team ready for the changes by sharing these Preview Slides internally (attached below).




    How do I request early access to the new user experience?

    You can request Early Access to the new user experience for the purposes of updating internal documentation/videos or previewing the new look and feel. To request access to this optional functionality you will need to log an SR with support to enable the beta flag. Note: You can request to have a few users enabled, but early access will not be granted across all users for day-to-day use.

    Can I switch between the two user experiences?

    Yes, you can switch between experiences during the early preview period. However, starting with the arrival of version 477 (Feb 2016), you will only have access to the new user experience and cannot go back to the older Eloqua10 interface. To switch between the experiences during the early preview period, once you have clicked the button to "Preview New Look" and are in the new user experience, you can log out and log back in and will be defaulted to the original user experience.

    Can we choose when we want to have the new user experience rolled out for our users?

    No, all clients will receive the refreshed user experience with the arrival of Oracle Eloqua Version 477 (Feb 2016). You can determine the exact date you will receive the updates by reviewing this article.

    How do we switch between the two navigation bars? Do users get to choose which navigation bar they want to use?

    Once you are previewing the new user experience, it defaults to the new navigation bar.  Users can click on the profile icon in the top right corner and select, “Exit Preview” to be taken back to the original navigation bar.  You are still able to toggle on the new navigation bar by clicking the "Preview New Menu” button.

    Do we have to use the new navigation bar or can we choose to use the original, refreshed version?

    For now you can continue to use the original (refreshed) navigation bar and selectively preview the new navigation, though we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new navigation bar as it will become the default in a our 483 release. Please see this product notice for additional information.

    For the "Customizable Shortcuts", can we create external shortcuts or shortcuts to individual assets?

    No, you can only create shortcuts to specific areas of the application and not individual assets.  The individual asset choosers already allow you to pin individual assets as favorites.

    With these changes has there been any functionality that has been removed?No, we've added a new interactive My Eloqua Today page dashboard, new shortcuts area, and made improvements to the launch pads for assets, but no functionality has been removed!
    Will these new changes impact any existing campaigns and/or reporting that is already in flight?No, these changes are visual in nature and there will be no impacts/changes to any of your existing marketing campaigns or assets.
    Do you have a sense on when the new menu will be permanently live this year?The menu changes will become permanent with our 483 release (Oct 2016). Please see this product notice for additional information.
    Will the new UX support Chrome and the new IE?Information on supported browsers can be found here.
    On the My Eloqua Overview page, do the security groups restrict visibility on Active / Scheduled Campaigns, recently viewed, etc?Yes, security group restrictions are respected and the view may be different based on different users and their respective permissions.