North America User Groups

Version 19

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    User Group NameAcronymOracle Community Portal Group NameMeetup HomepageFocusAffiliated with:CityState/ProvenceCountry
    Alberta Canada OAUG---OAUG-CalgaryCanada (CA)
    Atlanta Java User GroupAJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-GeorgiaUnited States (US)
    Atlanta Oracle Applications Users Group--AppsOAUGAtlantaGeorgiaUnited States (US)
    Atlanta Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOSCUG (Oracle Service Cloud User Groups)AtlantaGeorgiaUnited States (US)
    Austin Java User Group-Meetup GroupJavaJUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    Austin Oracle Users GroupAOUG-TechIOUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    BCOUGBCOUG--Oracle-VancouverCanada (CA)
    Boston Area Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOSCUG (Oracle Service Cloud User Groups)-MassachusettsUnited States (US)
    British Columbia Canada OAUG---OAUG-British ColumbiaCanada (CA)
    Calgary Oracle User GroupCOUG-TechIOUG-CalgaryCanada (CA)
    Carolinas Area Oracle Service Cloud User Group---Oracle-North CarolinaUnited States (US)
    Central Alabama Oracle Users GroupCAOUG-TechIOUG-AlabamaUnited States (US)
    Central Florida Oracle User GroupCFOUG-TechIOUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Central Ohio Java User GroupCoJUG-JavaJUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Central States Oracle Applications Users Group (St. Louis)CSOAUG-AppsOAUG-MissouriUnited States (US)
    Chicago Area Oracle Service Clould User Group--AppsOracle-IllinoisUnited States (US)
    Chicago MySQL Meetup Group-Meetup GroupMySQLMySQL-IllinoisUnited States (US)
    Chicago Oracle User GroupCOUG-TechIOUG-IllinoisUnited States (US)
    Cleveland Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-OhioUnited States (US)
    Colorado OpenSource Users GroupCOSMeetup GroupJavaOracle-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Colorado Oracle Applications Users GroupColorado OAUG-AppsOAUG-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Connecticut Java User GroupCTJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-ConnecticutUnited States (US)
    Dallas Fort Worth Regional Users Group--AppsQuest-TexasUnited States (US)
    Dallas Java Metroplex User GroupJavaMUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    Dallas Oracle Users GroupDOUG-TechIOUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    Dayton Oracle Users GroupDay-O-TechIOUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    DC Java User GroupDCJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-DCUnited States (US)
    DC Metropolitan Area Oracle Applications Users GroupDC OAUG-AppsOAUG-DCUnited States (US)
    Denver Java User Group-Meetup GroupJavaJUG-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Eastern Canada Regional User GroupECRUG-AppsQuest--Canada (CA)
    Eastern States Oracle Applications Users GroupESOAUG-AppsOAUG-KentuckyUnited States (US)
    Florida Regional User GroupFlorida RUG-AppsQuest-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Gator Java User Group--JavaJUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Georgia Oracle User GroupGeorgia OUGMeetup GroupTechIOUG-GeorgiaUnited States (US)
    Georgia Regional Users Group--AppsQuest-GeorgiaUnited States (US)
    Greater Boston PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Regional Users Group-Social Group-Quest-MassachusettsUnited States (US)
    Greater Cincinnati Oracle Users GroupGCOUG-TechIOUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Greater Kansas City Regional User GroupKCRUG-AppsQuest-MissouriUnited States (US)
    Greater Lansing Java User Group--JavaJUG-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Greater Philadelphia Regional User Group--AppsQuest-PennsylvaniaUnited States (US)
    Greenville Java User GroupGreenJUG-JavaJUG-South CarolinaUnited States (US)
    Gulf Coast Oracle User Group--TechIOUG-MississippiUnited States (US)
    Gulf Region Oracle Applications Users GroupGulf Region OAUG-AppsOAUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Hampton Roads Oracle Users GroupHROUG-TechIOUG-VirginiaUnited States (US)
    Heartland Oracle Users GroupHeartland OUG-Apps:TechIOUG-NebraskaUnited States (US)
    Higher Education User Group (HEUG)HEUG-AppsHEUG--United States (US)
    Houston Java User GroupHJUG-JavaJUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    Houston Regional User GroupHUG-AppsQuest-TexasUnited States (US)
    IDGOUG - (International Data Guard Oracle User Group)---Oracle--United States (US)
    Independent Oracle User GroupIOUGSocial GroupTechIOUGChicagoIllinoisUnited States (US)
    Indiana Oracle User GroupINOUG-TechIOUG-IndianaUnited States (US)
    Indiana Regional User GroupIndiana RUG-AppsQuest-IndianaUnited States (US)
    Iowa Oracle User GroupIAOUG-TechIOUG-IowaUnited States (US)
    Java User Group National Capital Region (JUG NCR)--JavaJUG-DCUnited States (US)
    Los Angeles Java User GroupLAJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Louisiana Oracle User Group---Oracle-LAUnited States (US)
    Maritime Java User Group of Canada--JavaJUG-New BrunswickCanada (CA)
    Memphis Java User Group--JavaJUG-TennesseeUnited States (US)
    MetaSolv User Group---Oracle--United States (US)
    Michigan Oracle Applications Users GroupMI-OAUG-AppsOAUG-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Michigan Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Michigan Oracle User Summit---OAUG-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Michigan PeopleSoft Regional Users GroupMI-RUG-AppsQuest-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Mid-Atlantic Oracle Applications Users GroupMAOAUG-AppsOAUG-DelawareUnited States (US)
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Users GroupMARUG-AppsQuest-MarylandUnited States (US)
    Midwest Oracle User GroupMOUG--IOUG-IllinoisUnited States (US)
    Midwest Regional Users GroupMWRUG-AppsQuest-IllinoisUnited States (US)
    Minnesota Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Missouri Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-MissouriUnited States (US)
    Nashville Oracle User GroupNOUG-OracleIOUG-TennesseeUnited States (US)
    Nashville PeopleSoft and JD Edwards Regional Users GroupNRUG-AppsQuest-TennesseeUnited States (US)
    Nevada Oracle Applications Users GroupNVOAUG-AppsOAUG-NevadaUnited States (US)
    New England Java User GroupNEJUG-JavaJUG-ConnecticutUnited States (US)
    New England Oracle Applications Users GroupNEOAUG-AppsOAUG-MassachusettsUnited States (US)
    New Jersey Oracle Applications Users GroupNJOAUG-AppsOAUG-New JerseyUnited States (US)
    New York Java Meetup User GroupNYCJavaMeetup GroupJavaJUG-New YorkUnited States (US)
    New York Java Special Interest GroupJavaSIGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-New YorkUnited States (US)
    New York Oracle User GroupNYOUGSocial GroupMeetup GroupTechIOUG-New YorkUnited States (US)
    North Carolina Oracle User GroupNCOUG-TechIOUG-North CarolinaUnited States (US)
    North Central Oracle Applications Users GroupNCOAUGSocial GroupAppsOAUG--United States (US)
    North East Ohio Oracle User GroupNEOOUG-TechIOUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Northeast Oracle Users GroupNOUG-TechIOUG-PennsylvaniaUnited States (US)
    Northeast PeopleSoft and NJ-NY JD Edwards Regional Users Group--AppsQuest-New JerseyUnited States (US)
    Northern California Oracle Applications Users GroupNORCALOAUG-AppsOAUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Northern California Oracle User GroupNOCOUGMeetup GroupTechIOUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Northern California Regional User GroupNor Cal RUG-AppsQuest-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Northern Ohio Oracle Applications Users GroupNOOAUG-AppsOAUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Northwest Oracle Users GroupNWOUG-Apps:TechIOUGLake OswegoORUnited States (US)
    OAUGNYC MetroOAUGNYC-AppsOAUGNew YorkNew YorkUnited States (US)
    ODTUGODTUGSocial GroupMeetup Group-ODTUG--United States (US)
    Ohio Oracle User GroupOOUG-TechIOUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Ohio PeopleSoft Regional User Group--AppsQuest-OhioUnited States (US)
    Ohio Valley Oracle Applications Users GroupOVOAUG-AppsOAUG-OhioUnited States (US)
    Oklahoma Java User GroupOKCJUG-JavaJUG-OklahomaUnited States (US)
    Oklahoma/Arkansas OAUGOAOAUG-AppsOAUG-OklahomaUnited States (US)
    Omaha Regional User GroupOmaha RUG-AppsQuest-NebraskaUnited States (US)
    ORA*GEC (Eastern Canada) Quebec Apps/Tech Group--Apps:TechIOUG-QuebecCanada (CA)
    Oracle AcademyOASocial Group-Oracle--United States (US)
    Oracle Applications Users GroupOAUGSocial GroupAppsOAUG--United States (US)
    Oracle HCM User GroupOHUGSocial Group-OHUG--United States (US)
    Oracle Health Sciences Users GroupOHSUG--Oracle--United States (US)
    Oracle Retail User GroupORUGSocial Group-Oracle--United States (US)
    Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User GroupOSWOUG-TechOracle-ORUnited States (US)
    Orlando Java User GroupOJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Ottawa Oracle Users GroupOOUG-TechIOUG-OttawaCanada (CA)
    Pac Rim EnterpriseOne-World Regional Users Group--AppsQuest--United States (US)
    PackerLand User GroupPLUGSocial GroupAppsQuest-WisconsinUnited States (US)
    PeopleSoft Northwest Regional Users GroupNW RUG-AppsQuest-WashingtonUnited States (US)
    Philadelphia Java Users GroupPhillyJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-PennsylvaniaUnited States (US)
    Philadelphia Oracle User GroupPHLOUGMeetup GroupTechIOUG-PennsylvaniaUnited States (US)
    Phoenix Java User GroupPHXJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-ArizonaUnited States (US)
    PipelinePros---Oracle--United States (US)
    Portland Java User GroupPJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-OregonUnited States (US)
    Quest International User GroupQuestSocial Group-Quest--United States (US)
    Richmond Virginia Java User Group-Meetup GroupJavaJUG-VirginiaUnited States (US)
    Rocky Mountain MySQL Special Interest Group--MySQLMySQL-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Rocky Mountain Oracle User GroupRMOUG-TechIOUG-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Rocky Mountain Regional User GroupRMUG-AppsQuest-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Rocky Mountain Users Group- RMUG--MySQLMySQL-ColoradoUnited States (US)
    Salt Lake City Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-UtahUnited States (US)
    San Antonio Oracle User GroupSATOUG-TechIOUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    San Antonio Texas Oracle User Group---IOUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    San Diego Java User GroupSDJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    San Francisco Java User GroupSFJAVAMeetup GroupJavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    San Francisco Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    San Gabriel Valley Java User GroupSGVJUG-JavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Seattle Java User GroupSeaJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-WashingtonUnited States (US)
    Seattle Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-WashingtonUnited States (US)
    Silicon Valley Java User GroupSV-JUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Silicon Valley JavaFX Java User GroupSVJUGFXMeetup GroupJavaJUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    South Central Oracle User GroupSCOUG-TechIOUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    South Florida Oracle User GroupSFOUG-TechIOUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Southeast Michigan Oracle User Summit---Oracle-MichiganUnited States (US)
    SouthEastern Michigan Oracle ProfessionalsSEMOPMeetup GroupTechIOUG-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Southern California Area Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Southern California Oracle Users GroupSOCOUG-TechIOUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Southern California Regional User GroupSCUG-AppsQuest-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Southern California User Group - SCUG---Quest-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Southern New England User GroupSNUG-AppsQuest-ConnecticutUnited States (US)
    Southern Ontario Oracle Applications Users GroupSO-OAUG-AppsOAUG-OntarioCanada (CA)
    Southwest Regional Oracle Applications Users GroupSROAUG-AppsOAUG-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    St Louis Oracle User GroupSLOUG-TechIOUG-MissouriUnited States (US)
    St. Louis PeopleSoft RUG--AppsQuest-MissouriUnited States (US)
    St. Louis Regional User Group---Quest-MissouriUnited States (US)
    SunCoast Oracle User GroupSOUG-TechIOUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Taleo Canada Regional User Group--AppsOHUG-VancouverCanada (CA)
    Tampa Java User Group-Meetup GroupJavaJUG-FloridaUnited States (US)
    Texas Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOracle-TexasUnited States (US)
    Texas/Louisiana Oracle Applications Users GroupTLOAUG-AppsOAUG-TexasUnited States (US)
    The Boston MySQL Meetup GroupMySQLBosMeetup GroupMySQLMySQL-MassachusettsUnited States (US)
    The Los Angeles MySQL Meetup GroupLA-MySQLMeetup GroupMySQLMySQL-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    The Raleigh MySQL/PHP Meetup Group-Meetup GroupMySQLMySQL-North CarolinaUnited States (US)
    The San Francisco MySQL MeetupSF-MySQLMeetup GroupMySQLMySQL-CaliforniaUnited States (US)
    Toronto Java User GroupTJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-OntarioCanada (CA)
    Toronto Oracle User GroupTOUGMeetup GroupTechIOUG-OntarioCanada (CA)
    Triangle Java User Group-Meetup GroupJavaJUG-North CarolinaUnited States (US)
    Tri-State (KY-OH-IN) Regional User Group--AppsQuest-KentuckyUnited States (US)
    Twin Cities Financial Oracle Applications Users GroupTCFOAUG-AppsOAUG-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Twin Cities Java User Group--JavaJUG-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Twin Cities Manufacturing Oracle Applications Users GroupTCMOAUG-AppsOAUG-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Twin Cities Oracle User GroupTCOUG-TechIOUG-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Upper Midwest Regional User Group--AppsQuest-MinnesotaUnited States (US)
    Upstate New York Oracle User GroupUNYOUG-TechIOUG-New YorkUnited States (US)
    Utah Java Users GroupUJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-UtahUnited States (US)
    Utah Oracle Users GroupUTOUGMeetup GroupTechIOUG-UtahUnited States (US)
    Vancouver Island Java User GroupVIJUG-JavaJUG-British ColumbiaCanada (CA)
    Victoria Oracle Users GroupVicOUG-TechIOUG-British ColumbiaCanada (CA)
    Virginia Oracle User GroupVOUG-TechIOUG-VirginiaUnited States (US)
    West Michigan Oracle User GroupWMOUG-TechIOUG-MichiganUnited States (US)
    Western Canada Regional User GroupWCRUG-AppsQuest-VancouverCanada (CA)
    Wisconsin Java User GroupWJUGMeetup GroupJavaJUG-WisconsinUnited States (US)
    Wisconsin Oracle Service Cloud User Group--AppsOSCUG (Oracle Service Cloud User Groups)-WisconsinUnited States (US)