A PL/SQL Inlining Primer

Version 2

    Charles Wetherell of the PL/SQL development team offers a short paper on PL/SQL inlining optimization with the following conclusion:


    "The basic recommendation is that all units should be compiled at optimization level 3 – that is, with inlining on – and that pragma INLINE should be used sparingly to turn inlining off for those few call sites where it can be proven to be detrimental. Obviously, particular units might also be compiled at optimization level 2 rather than 3 if there is some specific and demonstrable reason that the entire unit should not have inlining applied.


    "Inlining is a safe and effective optimization that almost always improves application performance and has no important disadvantages in its pl/sql implementation. In- lining should be routinely applied in every development and production environment."


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