[jsr339-experts] Issue priorities

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    • From: Roberto Chinnici <roberto.chinnici@...>
    • To: jsr339-experts@...
    • Subject: [jsr339-experts] Issue priorities
    • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 09:53:41 -0700

    I've done a pass through the issues list and here are the proposed new priorities.


    First of all, I should explain the priorities we'll be using.


    I'd like to save the highest (blocker) for true showstoppers.


    We'll use the next four levels as high-to-low priorities: critical, major, minor, trivial. (I don't like the words and I think of the four levels as 1 to 4.)


    In terms of classification:

    1) "critical" is stuff we absolutely need to do, or users will flee JAX-RS in droves for proprietary APIs, plus glaring errors in the 1.1 spec

        2) "major" is important stuff that affects lots of users

    3) "minor" issues either have feasible workarounds or affects a minority of users

    4) "trivial" is everything else (nice to have, nitpicks, affects tiny number of users)


    In general, I've privileged issues that affect regular users of the API, i.e. application developers trying to get their job done, over those that impact framework developers who'd like to build on JAX-RS.


    Here are the priorities: (some of the descriptions were truncated so the table prints better)


    == CRITICAL ============================================================


    JAX_RS_SPEC-70 UriBuilder must encode slashes in values

    JAX_RS_SPEC-57 Interceptors

    JAX_RS_SPEC-56 Server-side asynchronous request processing model

    JAX_RS_SPEC-55 Support for JSR-330 annotations and CDI

    JAX_RS_SPEC-54 Validation support

    JAX_RS_SPEC-50 Low-level client API

    JAX_RS_SPEC-42 Request variant selection mismatch

    JAX_RS_SPEC-32 EJBException handling spec error


    == MAJOR ===============================================================


    JAX_RS_SPEC-66 URI Building

    JAX_RS_SPEC-62 Form beans

    JAX_RS_SPEC-61 Improved marshalling for string-based parameters

    JAX_RS_SPEC-60 Resource metamodel

    JAX_RS_SPEC-58 Make it easier to use EJBs as sub-resources

    JAX_RS_SPEC-53 MVC support

    JAX_RS_SPEC-52 Hypermedia support

    JAX_RS_SPEC-51 High-level client API

    JAX_RS_SPEC-49 How to use Maven2

    JAX_RS_SPEC-47 Finer-grain reader/writer matching

    JAX_RS_SPEC-46 UriBuilder.fromMethod(Class, String)

    JAX_RS_SPEC-45 Variant requires you to call add prior to call build

    JAX_RS_SPEC-38 Hyperlinking Support Issues

    JAX_RS_SPEC-35 provide a way to allow dependency injection into sub resources t

    JAX_RS_SPEC-34 it would be nice if @PathParam @FormParam @QueryParam could inje

    JAX_RS_SPEC-31 Resolving resource method ambiguity with resource inheritance

    JAX_RS_SPEC-30 Error matching HTTP methods for sub-resource methods

    JAX_RS_SPEC-28 charset missing from content-type

    JAX_RS_SPEC-23 sub resource methods to match empty path

    JAX_RS_SPEC-22 Clarify JavaDoc of getAcceptableLanguages() and getAcceptableMed

    JAX_RS_SPEC-19 Annotation Inheritance not specified for interfaces

    JAX_RS_SPEC-15 Response/ResponseBuilder should be Generic

    JAX_RS_SPEC-10 EntityHolder

    JAX_RS_SPEC-7  Dealing with {} in UriBuilder

    JAX_RS_SPEC-5  Improve handling of trailing slash

    JAX_RS_SPEC-1  Support quality of source for produced media types


    == MINOR ===============================================================


    JAX_RS_SPEC-68 Router interface

    JAX_RS_SPEC-67 Allow custom resource creation

    JAX_RS_SPEC-65 Support breaking the view layer from the control layer

    JAX_RS_SPEC-64 Support non-default parameter access convention using Java's deb

    JAX_RS_SPEC-63 Custom resource lookup

    JAX_RS_SPEC-59 Convention over configuration

    JAX_RS_SPEC-48 Exception hierarchy

    JAX_RS_SPEC-44 JavaDocs should mention behaviour on RuntimeException thrown in

    JAX_RS_SPEC-43 Provide method to access X509 client certificates

    JAX_RS_SPEC-37 Authentication inside of Java EE Application Client Container

    JAX_RS_SPEC-33 Request Matching using Query Param

    JAX_RS_SPEC-29 Extends @MatrixParam with ("subpath;param")

    JAX_RS_SPEC-27 Specify mapping of AccessLocalException for EJBs with @RolesAllo

    JAX_RS_SPEC-26 WebApplicationException should have an (Entity, status) construc

    JAX_RS_SPEC-24 Need way to generate similar resource URL's from given URL

    JAX_RS_SPEC-21 Mixing of OPTIONs

    JAX_RS_SPEC-18 @HttpMethod should guess value if omitted

    JAX_RS_SPEC-17 Query parameters do not encode data which looks like percent-enc

    JAX_RS_SPEC-16 JAX-RS should support multiple exception mappers distinguished b

    JAX_RS_SPEC-14 Request.evaluatePreconditions() needs clarification

    JAX_RS_SPEC-13 Need string init for UriBuilder, fromTemplate()

    JAX_RS_SPEC-11 Error in matching request to resource w/ regexes

    JAX_RS_SPEC-8  ContentDisposition should be part of JAX-RS


    == TRIVIAL =============================================================


    JAX_RS_SPEC-36 Support for EXI and FastInfoset

    JAX_RS_SPEC-25 RDF Support for JAX-RS

    JAX_RS_SPEC-12 Extend Annotation Inheritance to cover more use cases

    JAX_RS_SPEC-9  Requesting an injectible 'uber-context'

    JAX_RS_SPEC-6  Anonymous subclass instance as a response entity

    JAX_RS_SPEC-3  @MatrixParam should not inherit values

    JAX_RS_SPEC-2  Case Insensitive Map


    == LINKED TO OTHER ISSUES ==============================================


    (57)  JAX_RS_SPEC-69 Allow ordered interceptors

    (50) JAX_RS_SPEC-41 JAX-RS 2.0 Client API must be able to process custom HTTP method

    (50)  JAX_RS_SPEC-40 JAX-RS Client API should support process Allows header

    (50)  JAX_RS_SPEC-39 Client Cache Support

    (57)  JAX_RS_SPEC-20 ResourceFilter

    (1) JAX_RS_SPEC-4 provide a mechanism to be able to raise the priority of a repres