How to Set Up Email Watches

Version 3

    This document will explain how to receive email notifications by enabling email watches. The ability to receive emails is based on what you are "Following" and your email preferences.


    Check your preferences or the stream itself to verify email notifications are enabled. To manually create and email stream, follow the instructions below:


    Here are the steps a user will need to take in order to create an "email watches" stream and receive email notifications. In the top right corner of the page, you can go to news or inbox. News will take you to your activity streams, and inbox will take you to your platform inbox. Under News (which will populate with activity from all streams), you will see the default stream "Connections Stream."


    1. Click "New Stream" on your News home page.


    new stream.PNG


    2. Name the stream what you would like and click done.


    new stream.PNG

    3. To the right, where it says "Email Updates," make sure to Toggle it "on." You can also get to this screen by selecting the drop down arrow and select "edit stream."



    4. Now when you navigate to content, people or place you choose to "follow," you will have the option to add it to your "email watches" stream when following it. You will also see "Inbox" as an option. Inbox will go to your platform inbox, which you can reach by going to the "Inbox" tab next to news in the top right.




    You can also turn on the email watches for particular streams by going to your preferences.



    Now check to see what your preferences are set to for your streams and inbox: