Congratulations 2016 Duke's Choice Award Winners in Latin America

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    This year's winners help expand the outreach of Java, provide better Internet of Things solutions, improve collaboration, and innovate in eCommerce. The winners of Duke's Choice Award 2016 per category are:


    Community Outreach: Otavio Gonçalves de Santana, Brazil JUG leader.

    Otavio lead the Years of Java Innovation, a tour through 20 Brazilian cities, providing a forum for the Brazilian Java community to come together. The tour marks an important milestone in Java's dynamic journey.


    Internet of Things: Vinicius Senger

    Internet of Things Surfboard Gateway. Vinicius created a device that enables data collection and sharing from a surfboard. Using sensors, a controller board and the Cloud, this system enables monitoring from boats, cars, ships or any device using 2G or 3G.


    Open Source Collaboration:  Alexis Lopez and Cesar Hernandez

    Working together from Colombia and Guatemala, this team was able to create an Open Source solution to manage Apache Tomcat instances in a straightforward way via web graphic user interface.  It also provides users the language customization in English and Spanish.


    eCommerce Innovation:  Wanderlei Souza

    With the help of Java Certified professionals, Beleza na Web CTO Wanderlei Souza migrated from .net to a custom Java microservices eCommerce platform in just three months. Using Java 8 capabilities such as lambdas and parallel operations, they created a quicker and better code. CDI was as important as the extensive use of dependency injection, both enabling the creation of better risk analyses platforms, credit card denials, offers, and discounting mechanisms. With Java, Beleza na Web is able to increase customer conversion rates and significantly impact business growth.





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