New features and changes in Oracle Community

Version 50


    NOTE: These new features and changes are being released on July 30. 


    Below is an overview of the major new features and changes you will see after our community upgrade, and known issues that have been fixed as part of this effort. If you have any questions about this new functionality, or see any bugs or issues, please report them in our Community Feedback (No Product Questions) forum, where we will post a dedicated feedback thread after the upgrade is done.  You can also ask questions about any of these new features by commenting on this document. We hope you enjoy these new features and fixes!


    (Note, if you are a MOSC user, you can also provide feedback or ask questions in *Community Feedback and Suggestions (No Product Questions) (MOSC))


    1. Sticky editor toolbar

    A long-awaited fix: the editor toolbar now "sticks" when you create long, multi-paragraph content.


    2. Your View

    You now have a personal home page that you can customize using Tiles. To access Your View, click on your Inbox and then "Your View" in the left column. More information about how to use Tiles will be coming after the upgrade, and you can also post questions on how to use them in our Feedback forum or in our OTN Getting Started help group.



    When you search, you will find an improved presentation of search results and improved search logic; the system now automatically searches by keywords and wildcards.


    Note that default search behavior has changed. It will search the entire community by default, and you need to click to restrict your results. This is the reverse of how it worked in our previous version.





    4. Ability to search a space and subspaces in the Search Pane:

    You can now search not just a space, but its subspaces as well -- either its child spaces (one level down) or all subspaces (all the way down the hierarchy). (Note that this only applies to searches from the Search Pane). This change was requested by users here: Restrict search results by more than 1 forum




    5. Points and reputation information in global header

    You can click on your points to see your current level, and points to get to the next level.




    6. Follow a Tag

    You now have the ability to follow a tag in any custom stream. To access this feature, go to News and create or edit a custom stream.




    7. One-click Helpful button 

    You can now mark an answer as Helpful with one click -- the Helpful button has moved to the bottom right of all question responses.


    Note that the yellow star does not appear when you have marked something Helpful until you refresh the page. We are working to fix this as soon as possible. In the meantime, as long as the star is "filled in," your Helpful mark has been recorded, and you can refresh the page to confirm.



    8. Your Content and Your Places

    Direct links to Your Content and Your Places have been added in the drop-down under your display name. Your Content shows you all the content you've created; Your Places shows you a view of all the Places you follow.




    9. "I have the same question" feature

    This new feature allows you to indicate that you have the same question and follow the thread and its responses. You can un-mark this with "I don't have this question anymore."




    10. New default for Ideas

    Now, you are by default the sole author of your Ideas. 



    11. Breadcrumb in banner

    The text breadcrumb has been removed and replaced with a drop-down breadcrumb.



    12. News

    The Activity page has been replaced with a News page. This is still the place where you can create and manage custom streams. Over time, you should see improved News and Trending Content on this page.




    13 . Fixed Known Issues


    • Links to gated content (requiring login) will now return you to the desired content after login. (It will not give you an error message.)
    • You will now get notifications when someone likes your comment on a document
    • Capitalization of attachments (.jpg vs. .JPG) is no longer an issue
    • View as PDF is now working
    • Issue with editor toolbar and other content getting trapped behind the forum header has been fixed in Global/OTN theme -- so now documents with Table of Contents work as intended. You should be able to test this out on this document after the upgrade.
    • Issues with inbox counter not being accurate have been fixed
    • Some editor bugs have been fixed, but we still have a custom code editor on our roadmap


    14. Known issues remaining

    • Actions are not working (users receive notifications but cannot view actions)
    • Me in 3 is not working [This is due to a required security change; a fix is being tested for this and should be released in the coming weeks]
    • If a discussion is tagged, and the tag ends with a slash /, users may not be able to reply to the thread. [Case filed; in the meantime contact an admin or mod to remove the slash]
    • Settings still allow users to branch posts and delete posts and replies [We will need to customize this to preserve mod and admin permissions.]
    • "You haven't earned any badges here" message displaying on reputation page even when user has earned badges in a place.


    15. Miscellaneous notes

    • We no longer support Internet Explorer 8 and Safari 6.
    • As part of this upgrade, your Activity and Inbox feeds will only go back 3 months, rather than 6 months.
    • Please report if this is still happening: Correct Answers are marked but are not displaying properly. 
    • Please report if this is still happening: "Skill endorsement removed" message still being shown to users
    • "Reply" in the inbox has changed to "Comment"