WebLogic & Developer Partner Community Newsletter March 2016

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    Dear WebLogic & Developer Partner Community


    We are looking forward to welcome many of you at the upcoming Fusion Middleware & PaaS Partner Community Forum XXII in Valencia Marc 15th & 16th 2016. The conference &Oracle Open World and the Summer Camps are part of the annual community highlights. It’s exciting to see the community to get together full of energy and to develop new ideas. We opened the conference registration 100 days in advance, after 50 days the conference was sold out! Special thanks to our sponsor Intel to allow us to host additional attendees – thank you! The conference will be focused on new middleware solutions and PaaS cloud services. In case you can not make it to Valencia you will be able to access all presentation at the community workspace. Additional we plan to livestream some presentations via Periscope – follow soaCommunity and publish videos at our YouTube channel. In case you will attend the conference get prepared – get the mobile event app, use you PaaS trail service and network at the conference. Would be wonderful if everybody can share the knowledge & experience with your colleagues who can’t attend. Looking forward to read many blog posts and tweets about the conference. We will also offer you the workshop material & environments to re-run the hands-on trainings for your teams!


    We continue to offer hands-on training across EMEA, for the latest training please visit the community training calendar here. Highlights include the WebLogic Server 12c free live on-demand class, the Amis conference and the OTN Virtual Technology Summit March 8th & 15th & April 5th 2016.


    During my holiday Application Cloud Container (ACC) Service became available. ACC can host Java SE and Node.JS applications. For all community members we do offer free trial services! Special thanks to Lucas for his ACC introduction and Developing a RESTful Node.js and HTML5 applications to ACC articles. Our on-premises solutions continue to be the flagship products leaded by WebLogic 12.2.1. Thanks to the community for all the excellent WebLogic 12.2.1 articles: Linking Application Container Cloud to DBaaS & WebLogic 12cR2 Provides the Benefits of Multitenancy & WebLogic Server 12.2.1 - Converting Domains to Partitions & WebLogic on Docker Containers Series, Part 3: Creating a Domain Image & Cargo Tracker Java EE 7 Blue Prints Now Running on WebLogic & Patching WebLogic 12c with OPatch & WLDF Smart Rules in WebLogic & Coherence Persistence in WebLogic & WebLogic authentication debugging & What is Resource Consumption Management? & Advanced WebLogic Monitoring & Public Cloud - Test Throughput from Customer Place.


    Also Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCs) became available, learn more about ABCs here. Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) releases a new version and we are exited about the first customer references by partners. Thanks to the community for all the excellent development tool articles:

    MCS New version has been released & What's New in JET 2.0.0 & What's Oracle doing with JavaScript?

    Getting Started with Oracle JET & Developing Applications with Oracle JET & Extend Oracle JET with Table on REST API and Deploy to Node.js in ACC & JET and WebSocket Integration for Live Data & Routing and responsive layout with JET & Master – Detail synchronization in an Oracle JET & Integrate Google Maps in JET & Agile Development with Oracle Developer Cloud Service & Intermodular Communication in JET & Introducing: The Client Side Event Bus in JET & ADF and Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit & Extending ADF Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit (RDK) & Configure ADF Skin in JDeveloper & ADF 12.2.1: Publish and secure ADF Business Components as REST services & ADF BC REST Support for List Of Values (LOV) Data

    Yes this newsletter is again long – make sure you read it! For a short summery of our key monthly information watch the Fusion Middleware Partner Updates on YouTube. The March edition of the Middleware Partner Update includes the new cloud partner program and PaaS partner trainings. See you in Valencia!


    To read the complete newsletter please visit http://tinyurl.com/weblogicNewsMarch2016 (OPN Account required)


    Jürgen Kress
    Fusion Middleware Partner Adoption
    Oracle EMEA
    Tel. +49 89 1430 1479
    E-Mail: juergen.kress@oracle.com
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