Oracle Server X6-2L - Operating Systems

Version 2
    X6-2L Oracle Operating Systems

    (All OSes are 64-bit, unless specified)


    Operating SystemsMinimum Version Supported
    Oracle SolarisOracle Solaris 11.4
    Oracle LinuxOracle Linux 6.10, 7.6 (Both RHCK and UEK5U1)
    Oracle VMOracle VM Server 3.4.6


    3rd Party Operating Systems

    (All OSes are 64-bit, unless specified. All Window Server certifications include the Hyper V related certifications)


    Operating SystemsMinimum Version Supported
    Microsoft Windows ServerMicrosoft Windows Server 2016
    RedHat Enterprise LinuxTBD



    Oracle Linux combined with Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel brings the latest Linux innovations to market, delivering extreme performance, advanced scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications.