Welcome to the Community Platform: Part 1

Version 3


    Hello and Welcome to the Oracle Community Platform. The Community Platform is home for Communities across Oracle where users can engage, share information and ask questions about Oracle products and related technologies.

    To find or browse communities start by clicking the down arrow to navigate using the mega nav at the top of the home page.


    Some communities have sub communities within them as indicated next to the arrow next to the name. If you click on one, you can see the communities within it. You can also view the communities by actually entering the community and looking at the space tree.

    The Space tree shows the top tier spaces and subspaces within each. It is another way to see where spaces fall within the hierarchy.


    We also have social groups in the platform which have the same functionality but because they cannot have subspaces are not organized within this hierarchy. To browse Social groups Go to the home page and click browse social groups. See our tutorial on social groups to learn more.


    From the home page You can access tools that will make being new to the platform much easier. We have links to the browse our, FAQ, Getting Started group directly on the home page. Our extensive FAQ is where you can find information about how to navigate best on the Platform and you will see a link to the FAQ at the top of every page. From here you can access link like our “how to FAQ” our “Illustrated user guide”  and soon “how to videos.”


    Our Getting Started group is a social group designed to make the experience of being new on the platform easier. The Getting started space is a one stop shop for all the resources you need to quickly become a master on Platform. To stay connected, add yourself by clicking “join this group.”


    Another way to look for a community is by searching using the search tool. Navigate the top right corner of the page and click inside the search bar to bring up frequently and recently viewed contact. From here enter the object of your search. If you allow your cursor to hover then search will populate with content, people or places. If you click enter that will take you to the search page where you can more clearly specify what you are searching for.


    There are many people on the platform who are happy to help you get the answer you need, whether about an oracle product or the platform itself. If you are running into roadblock don’t hesitate to reach out the members on the platform or us. Add us as friends on the community to get into contact.


    Now the you are little more familiar with platform from here you can find a community and join discussions or you can start a discussion of your own! Just Remember to start at the welcome page, to find our FAQ, join our Getting Started group or search for the product or technology that you are interested in.


    Thank you for watching our welcome video. Please see Welcome to the Community Platform: Part 2 on instruction on setting up your profile.

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