Welcome to the Community Platform: Part 2

Version 3

    Now that you have seen our Welcome Video and Have been introduced to the Community Platform, let’s go over how to get your profile set up.


    When you first log into your profile, you will have a blank avatar, profile photo and a non-specific username. To set up your profile, navigate to the top right-hand side of the page and click on the generic username you have been assigned.

    In the dropdown menu select “edit profile.” Let’s start by adding a profile photo. This will give your profile personality and help other users put a face to the name. Under avatar and photos, you can choose to add a photo in the primary photo slot. Choose the image you want as your profile you want as your profile image and hit select. Select “upload and continue” and crop your photo to the desired size. Hit the “Crop Photo” tab. And finally, select “Finished.”

    Next, we will go over how to change your avatar. The avatar image is the more one, because it shows up next to all of your comments. Click on the link, “add your own avatar” choose a file from your computer and hit “upload and continue.” Crop the image like you did with your profile image. You will see the picture pop up in the blank avatar photos. Select “Finished” to update and save the changes to your profile.

    All profile and avatar images are approved by a moderator before they are displayed, so give it one day for the images to appear.

    Now to change your display name, you will actually need to navigate off the community and visit your Oracle profile. Start by going to the “Your Profile” tab. To change your display name, select the edit button next to your display name. That will redirect you to the “My Profile” page. Under the “Communities” tab, which is highlighted, in the Oracle Technology Communities section, where it says “your display name,” select edit. Choose your new display name and select “save.” Log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.

    Now that you have an updated profile, you can start exploring. Thank you for joining the community, we look forward to engaging with you!

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