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    The Premier Dating Website For Dinosaurs

    a.k.a., Learning Platform for Scripting Language Developers to Leverage Oracle Database





    The Oracle Database is packed full of features for application developers, even or maybe especially if you are writing your apps in languages like JavaScript, Python and more. To make it easier for developers to learn about and leverage these features, the Oracle Developer Advocates Team has put together a demonstration application: DinoDate, the Premier Dating Website for Dinosaurs.


    We hope you’ll have fun just looking around the application and exploring the code “behind the scenes”. But we’ve also provided “direct” access to the code comparing minimal database reliance to maximum leveraging of database features. Just look for the gears icon shown below and then select the approach.




    Some functionality is only available to the admin user such as:


    • Broadcast a message to all users
    • Generate random user accounts


    To access these functions, log in as admin@example.com using any password.


    DinoDate provides examples of accessing Oracle Database features from multiple languages. Each language shares a common AngularJS client and produces the same Restful API. The below diagram shows the basic structure of the application.




    Download DinoDate: From OTN | GitHub

    Installation instructions: LearnCodeShare | GitHub

    Questions and Suggestions: Discuss / Report issues | Contribute code

    Free Oracle client libraries: Oracle Instant Client


    Installation Video


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