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Shenzhen JUG December 15th, 2016 meeting

Event has ended



Topics | 主题

  • Spring Boot (again) by Paul Verest
  • "AWS... API, gateway, dynamo db, kinesys etc" by Aman Manocha
  • "Angular 2" by Emanuel Darlea
  • "Introduction to Apache Spark" by Ruslan Dautov
  • 5 min Lightning talks by guests (5分钟内介绍你的思维,项目等等)


Welcome to be a speaker. Raise an issue

or comment below.

See intro and previous events at 深圳Java用户组 | SZJUG | Shenzhen(China) Java User Group site.




GitHub company provides gifts for speakers, volunteers and active guests:

$7.00 * 6 months to start with private repositories

Also for every guest awesome stickers and as paper handouts: GitHub git cheat sheet, markdown syntax, the GitHub flow.


When and Where

  • Start Time:

    Dec 15, 2016 7:00 PM UTC (UTC)
  • End Time:

    Dec 15, 2016 9:00 PM UTC (UTC)
  • Location:

    room 623, Big Data Institute of Shenzhen University 深圳市南山区深圳大学南校区计软学院6楼623

Event Info

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  • Event Visibility & Attendance Policy:


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