Executing cross channel or multi-channel campaigns is like playing a team sport.  I’m sure anyone that knows me would laugh at the fact that I am making any sort of sports reference. However there are some things about team sports that even I know.  First and foremost, it’s very difficult to win with just one person.  Second, the best teams are made up of a group of people who work closely together and leverage the different skills and strengths each member brings to the table.


Those same things hold true when it comes to the planning and execution of multi-channel campaigns.  As I mentioned in a previous blog about multi-channel campaigns, identifying who will make up your campaign team is a critical consideration. So how do you go about figuring out who needs to be involved? How do you make sure the right people are there to create a winning multi-channel campaign strategy?


There are probably several ways to approach this, but the one that I have found to be the simplest and most comprehensive is to think about it in terms of the different stages of the campaign.  How do you get from a vague idea to analysis and insight? Then figure out what needs to be accomplished in each stage and who has the necessary expertise/experience.


Here is an example of what the stages and related tasks/decisions might look like:


When it comes to identifying the right team members to involve, you will likely have a core team that is involved in each campaign and then different people based on the campaign and the channels chosen.  Your core team will potentially include: Digital Marketing, Marketing Operations, Marketing Communications/Branding, Database Manager, and Sales.  To help you identify the other stakeholders, to include, a good starting point is to ask yourself:


  • Who is the target audience for this campaign?
    • Who knows this audience well?
    • Who understands what resonates with and interests them?
    • Who understand what their challenges and needs are?
    • Who knows what channels do they engage with when looking for information?


  • What online and offline channels do I plan on leveraging?
    • Who understands how each channel works?
    • Who has expertise and experience marketing via these channels - either individually or cross channel?


  • Are there any special skills or expertise required to plan and execute this campaign?
    • Are we doing something that we have never done before?
    • Are we leveraging a new/cutting edge tactic or strategy?
    • Who has previous experience with this tactic?
    • Who has showcased their ability to learn something new and apply it quickly?


As we all know, multi-channel campaigns are complex, whether you are just getting started, or a seasoned pro.  Ensuring that you have the right team with the right skills and expertise is critical to a smooth and successful campaign experience.  Whether that team is made up of 2 people or 10 doesn’t matter, what does matter is having a strong and cohesive team to help you move through the planning and execution process and end with a winning campaign.