Do you have picklists or select lists on your Eloqua forms that need to be updated automatically?


There is powerful technique that can be used to automatically update Eloqua picklists that are dynamically sourced in another application.  In a similar manner to how we manually update the picklists, we can use the upload wizard to automatically update the picklists. If, for example, the list of industries you are interested in having in your picklist is defined in a remote system that you want the list in Eloqua to automatically reflect, you can set that up to re-synchronize on a nightly basis. One of the more common remote sources that is dynamic is a custom report in your CRM system. This creates a .csv export that is current as of the moment that it is called, and can thus be used as a dynamic source. Typical uses might be a list of products, industries, or regions that is maintained in the CRM system. You can also use API calls to your CRM system in many cases to pull the information you require.
In either case, go to Settings settingcog.png--> Integration --> Inbound and select Create Data Source with External Call.



This will open the External Call Wizard where you can configure the data source for your picklist.


Tab 1 - External Call Details:

  • Select the Data Type (For Import) --> Picklist
  • Select the Purpose of Upload --> Add these options to Picklist
  • Be sure to check the box for Can be scheduled for automatic execution




Tab 2 - Source Details:

  • Set the Action to Retrieve.
  • Select the Entity you wish to receive the information from.


In my example, I am looking to pull in the Campaign names from my CRM into a picklist in Eloqua so I selected Campaign (Campaign).



Tab 3 - Field Selection:

  • Select the two fields you wish to pull into your picklist. One for the Option Name (the data that will be visible in the picklist) and a field for the Option Value.  I have selected Campaign ID and Campaign Name.




Tab 5 - Field Mapping

  • Select the Eloqua picklist field you wish to use as the unique identifier.  In this case, I have selected the Option Value.
  • Map the Source fields to the Target Fields:



Tab 6 – Upload Actions

  • Select the picklist you wish to save these values to.
  • Select to delete the existing values if needed.


In my example, I have a picklist called Salesforce Campaigns.



Tab 7 - Summary

  • Select to Schedule automatic data imports using these settings then
  • Set the scheduling parameters under Scheduling.
    • The available options are to run on selected days at 10 pm EST or a custom schedule as often as every 30 minutes.


I have configured my example to pull the values in once every night.


Once configured and running, the picklist will be automatically updated.

Here is how my example looks after the initial run of the Auto-Synch.


Learn more about picklists with the Oracle Eloqua Help Center:


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