Email deliverability is vital to your revenue performance because it determines the number of emails that reach a contact's inbox.


Successful deliverability depends on:

  • The reputation of your domain and Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • How you manage your email lists.
  • High, quality, up-to-date contact records.


Poor deliverability can be caused by many factors, including:

  • Not adhering to email privacy policies
  • Too frequent or irrelevant emails
  • Complaints from your contacts
  • A high number of contacts blocking your emails
  • Spam Traps


Deliverability Support Resources:

Oracle Eloqua Help Center: Email Deliverability

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Oracle Deliverability Operations Support Team

The Oracle Deliverability Operations support team is a global team of experts dedicated to supporting various deliverability issues. Each individual utilizes their global and localized expertise in email deliverability, and works with Oracle Marketing Cloud customers to identify deliverability issues, assist in understanding the drivers behind the issues, and provide recommendations to address the issues going forward. If you are noticing deliverability issues, contact My Oracle Support  and create a service request.


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