Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (P6 EPPM) is the most used and prescribed business intelligence application in the field. The realization of a project schedule and the reports based on P6 EPPM is even a contractual requirement at many customers. The software provides a complete and user-friendly solution for integral management of your project portfolio.



Professionals will know Oracle’s Primavera software as a strong and solid tool for realizing project schedules. However, the possibilities of P6 EPPM reach even further than purely time planning. The software offers methods for optimizing management of all resources (human capital, budgets, facilities) for maximum ROI, reducing the risks of costs and schedule overruns and improving decisions and accountability through enterprise-wide visibility, workflows and collaboration.


By using P6 EPPM reports, analyses and dashboards regarding to resources, risks, costs, and time can be realized on both portfolio, program, and project level.



All users make use of the same IT infrastructure, with the result that costs can be saved, while at the same time the functionality increases. The application contains both Java APIs and web services APIs, and, therefore, can be approached via both the client (Java) and the web. Moreover, the software can be used via smartphones and tablets.

All user rights and accessibilities will be customized. Hereby, the administrator can decide which users have access to which projects and reports, and which functionalities they can use.


Influence of the current technical infrastructure

The application offers extensive integration opportunities in combination with other software packages. The importation and exportation of data with respect to the project portfolio is included in the basic functionalities. Adjacent to it, by developing and using Flintwe have a lot of experience regarding the implementation and support of structural integration processes between P6 and any other IT system.


Temporary and changing opportunities

In order to optimally serve project-driven organizations, we can offer you the application temporary on request. The main advantage is that no unnecessary fixed license costs have to be paid by you, and that you can decide yourselves when you are willing to make use of our products and services. If you already make use of an outdated release or version, then we can offer you now the opportunity to change.

ARAM Software & Consultancy possesses years of experience with regard to the implementation and configuration of Oracle Primavera. We distinguish ourselves by profound knowledge in combination with low price guarantees. We take care of the installation, implementation and maintenance of the software, with the result that you focus on your priority: control your project portfolio!