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Primavera P6 Professional Project Management -Version 7.0 and later

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio ManagementCloud Service - Version and later

Primavera P6 Enterprise ProjectPortfolio Management - Version 7.0 and later

Information in this documentapplies to any platform.







The purpose of this article is to provide:

  • Detail of what the POBS eraser tool is.
  • Detail of how to use the tool.






Before reading this document, it is recommended the user have goodunderstanding of the Project Management application, however this document isinformational and intended for any user.  



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Becausethe tool does not perform modifications to DB, no need to take backups of DBbefore usage.






What is the POBS eraser tool?


The POBS eraser tool reads XER files, removes the POBS section andthen generates new XER files to a folder specified by user.
For information about the POBS table please refer to KMArticle: What is the POBS Table Used for and What Data is Stored in POBS? (Doc ID1959228.1).


Please note that the tool simply finds the beginning andend of the POBS section in a fixed format. It may fail to recognize thebeginning or end due to bad formatting such as extra spaces caused by manualedit or 3rd party tools.



In which cases should we use the tool?


  • when an error occurs when trying to import an XER file, as described in KMnote:  Error Importing XER: ORA-12899: value too large for column"ADMUSER"."POBS"."POBS_NAME" (Doc ID1681756.1).
  • when the POBS section of an exported project is large and causes importperformance issue.
  • when user wants to remove the POBS section, but he does not want to do itmanually.



How to use the tool?




Download the tool


  1. Download the attached file "PobsEraser.exe".



Start up the tool and have it process XER files


  1. Double-click the tool to start it up.
  2. Drag and drop XER files to the tool dialog, itwill prompt you for the destination folder where the new XER files will begenerated.
  3. Specify the output folder then click "OK".
  4. Browse to the folder you specified and find thegenerated files. The generated files are named as "[NO-POBS]+<the originalfile name>". For e.g. "[NO-POBS]my.xer".