We have all heard the saying “garbage in is garbage out.” This applies to your Eloqua database too. Having quality data will allow you, the modern marketer, to be more effective. The success of your marketing activities, including segmentation, lead scoring, nurturing, dynamic content, and reporting, all depend on the quality of your data.

Sure, you can have programs and campaigns that are well designed and automated, but if the quality of your data is not up to par, those efforts go to waste! Poor data causes ineffective campaigns, fewer qualified leads, and ultimately less revenue. Therefore, the quality of your data should be managed right from the beginning. However, do not fret if you haven’t started, or want to reassess your standards. We have a great collection of resources gathered by our Marketing Expert Team (Eloqua Best Practices) so that you can get the most out of your data.

Best Practices for Data Management / Data Cleansing