What is a web data lookup?

A web data lookup dynamically pulls data from Eloqua about a visitor and then invokes Javascript to perform a specific action based on the visitor data. Web data lookups are a type of asynchronous tracking script in Eloqua.

What are some of the common use cases for web data lookups?

  • Auto-populate a form based on the visitor’s data in a custom object
  • Display different web pages based on whether a visitor is known or unknown
  • Display a specific web page to visitors belonging to an email group

My web developer is asking for a sample data lookup script. How do I generate a sample?

Check this post (https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/do-it/blog/2013/04/23/sample-datacard-data-lookup-example) for both instructions and a downloadable HTML file for creating a web data lookup using data cards (now called custom objects).


Alternatively, this post (https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/do-it/blog/2011/01/13/creating-your-own-sample-eloqua-data-lookup-script-cookie-based-for-your-developer) describes how to create a sample script file for form auto-population.


You can also check out a custom code example of a web data lookup with form checkbox pre-population (https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/do-it/blog/2012/03/09/dlprepop-double-data-lookup-from-cookie-with-form-checkbox-prepop-and-eloqua-asyncronous-tracking-scripts). Follow the link in the post to view the example, and then view the source code for the page to access the HTML and Javascript. Be advised that this custom code is provided to address a common use case, but it is unsupported.


Note: Eloqua tracking scripts are updated quite frequently. Be sure to check the latest version of the Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking Scripts document (for example, http://topliners.eloqua.com/docs/DOC-4252 for the Fall 2013 release) when creating sample scripts.

Can I create a web data lookup that doesn’t use Javascript?

While it might be possible to do so through custom coding, this type of web data lookup would not be supported by Eloqua.

Can I use web data lookups on a Drupal site?

Yes. Ensure that the web data lookup script is placed in a dynamic section of the page, because the scripts need to run when a page is loaded. If the script is placed in a static section of a Drupal page, such as the header or footer, it will only run if that page is the first one visited during that session; headers and footers are not refreshed when the user navigates around the site to different pages.

Are web data lookups affected if a visitor uses a browser that blocks third-party cookies?

If your web data lookup is based on a cookie, your tracking script may be affected by browsers that lack support for third-party cookies. To enable our customers to continue tracking visitors’ digital body language as more browsers block third-party cookies, Eloqua has introduced first-party cookies in the Fall 2013 release. Refer to http://topliners.eloqua.com/docs/DOC-4252 to understand the limitations with first-party cookie support in this release.

Are there any other approaches available for auto-populating a form for known visitors?

The Form Population Cloud Component provides this functionality in Eloqua 10. See https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/do-it/blog/2012/04/25/installing-and-using-the-form-population-cloud-app for instructions.