Looking to solve a form design conundrum? Here are some common questions raised by Topliners about designing Eloqua forms.


How can I change the font styling on my form?

Once your form is placed on the landing page, you can customize the font styling.


To customize the form font:

  1. In the Landing Page Editor, select your form.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. In the Tools Editor dialog box, select the Text Tools tab.
  4. Make your desired changes to the font size, font family, color, alignment and so on.
  5. To capture your formatting, save the landing page.


Is it possible to use images instead of text for form fields? For example, can we use product photos with radio buttons?

No, this is not possible. You can upload your own image for the Submit button on your form, however.


Can I build a form with multiple columns?

Yes. Choose Field Groups and select either Custom Two Column or Custom Three Column to create multiple columns.




Can I have multiple rows within a two- or three-column field group?

You would need to add multiple Custom Two Column or Custom Three Column field groups to the form to have additional rows.


Is there a limit to the number of fields I can have on a form?

Use best practices for progressive profiling and form conversion as your guide here. Five or six form fields is recommended; having more than ten fields on a form will negatively impact your conversion rates. Check out this Chart of the Week for an analysis of form fields and conversion rates.


Interested in implementing progressive profiling? Check out the Progressive Profiling App available in the Eloqua AppCloud. This app lets you build automatic progressive profiling rules into your forms. Full instructions for installing and configuring the app are found here.


Can I add Google Captcha to an Eloqua form to prevent bot or spam form submissions?

Eloqua forms are compatible with various Captcha programs. However, there are no tools within Eloqua to build Captchas. Have your web development team develop some custom HTML for an Eloqua landing page to implement a form Captcha.


Can I use custom HTML to format an Eloqua form?

Yes. You can create the basic form in the Eloqua Forms Editor, save the changes, and then select View Form HTML. Then copy and paste the HTML into an application such as Dreamweaver or Notepad++, make your changes, and copy the revised code back into Eloqua. However, you cannot make any changes with the WYSIWYG editor after importing custom code.


Is there a way to do more advanced form styling within Eloqua?

After you have placed your form on the landing page, you can use cascading style sheets (CSS) to customize it.


To access the CSS for a form:

  1. Open the landing page where the form is placed.
  2. Select the form and click Tools.
  3. Click the Page Snippet Tools tab.


  4. Click Open CSS Editor.


  5. Edit the CSS and click Save.


For tips on using CSS to style your forms, check out this post: Energize Your Eloqua 10 Forms with CSS.


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